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    The Winter Offensive! FK Liberates Altis

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     Join FK on the Cold Front, Help Liberate Altis from the North Korean Forces!

    FK Has been fighting the good fight as a NATO liberation force and they need re-enforcements


    Well, What is Liberation?

    Liberation is a persistent campaign that can span up to several weeks, team up with your fellow community members across multiple operations to liberate Altis from small shacks up to Major Cities

    The AO has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to FK to take it back;

    • With up to 34 players, take to the front as a rifleman or go up the chain and direct the campaign in a commanding role
    • You won't be alone out there, you'll have AI supplements to fill the ranks and keep the frontline strong
    • Manage and maintain logistic lines and keep your supplies rolling, use your resources to purchase infantry equipment and vehicles
    • Secure key strategic points building FOB's and setting up garrisons!
    • Remember, we're here for hearts and minds, if you get on the civilians bad side its will impede our efforts
    • it's not just Us vs Them out there, independent guerrilla groups will be active, it's advisable we have them on our side

    If you want to read the full mission report you can find it Here


    Here's the SITREP!

    North Korea has a hold over Altis, High Command has advised this is a key staging point for NATO if their efforts to stabilise the region!

    FK has so far been leading the charge against the enemy, with a 24/7 Server at HQ, we can run operations around the clock, giving the enemy no break to re-organise!

    Our large offensives will be planned in calendar events with intricate plans to liberate key strongpoint on Altis, but we welcome any volunteers at any time to keep fighting the good fight.

    FK's Liberation follows the standard FK ruleset for ARMA missions, so keep that ambition focuses on defeating the enemy and helping the civilians


    I'll see your boots on the ground! if you need directions, you can find the server details here


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