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    INTREP 014

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    Meeting Reports

    Staff News

    Rhea steps down as PR Officer and Medic Trainer

    "I've always preached that when a staff member/trainer does not have the time, energy, or want to complete their duties within FK that they should step down to allow someone else into that position who can and will. I firmly believe it is selfish to leave the rest of the team to suffer the burden of one persons inactivity. It is unfortunately time for me to put my money where my mouth is. I am approaching a huge life style change that will diminish most of my free time and require a good deal of my energy, for the opportunity to fulfil the long time goal of leaving this hell hole that is Alabama. 

    It is with this in mind that as of today when this INTREP goes live, I will be stepping down from my positions as Public Relations Officer and as Medical Trainer." - @Rhea


    Technician's Basement

    New backend updates

    "The website has moved to a new backend. If you are getting an error page than its probably because your dns is still pointing you to the old server. The new backend has had a complete overhaul and therefor I do expect bugs to occur while we tweak things. However in the long run it should be cheaper and easier to maintain." - @Mavy 

    Obviously if you're reading this you've had no issues reaching the website. If you hear of others who are experiencing issues ask them to make sure they are using the newest URL (www.FKGaming.eu)


    Public Relations News Room

    Interview - What does the staff think about the CoronaVirus Quarantine? 

    With all this spare time we all have now I took a minute to ask some of FK Gaming's staff members how they are handling this mandatory shut down. Here are their answers.


    How are you spending your time in quarantine?

    Working as usual, just remotely and then either gaming or spending time with my girlfriend. We just can't make trips to zoos or go out to eat for now.

    How has this crisis has changed your life?

    Personally, a little. Though we had to cancel some of our plans already.

    Do you think things will ever go back to "normal"?

    Depending on the situation worldwide. In Czech republic the government did not wait too much and managed to implement restrictions fast. It was not flawless, but in my opinion it worked. Meanwhile Italy, Spain, USA and some others seem to be on the road to mass fatalities. It will have effect on both economy and politics. So things will return to normal, but that normal will be different.


    How are you spending your time in quarantine?

    It feels like if I was on holiday, while still putting a few work hours from home as well. But mostly like a holiday. So lots of movies, TV shows, games, books, manga... And watching TS like a hawk.

    How has this crisis has changed your life?

    Well, I'm sleeping a good 8 hours every day now, when I'd usually sleep just about 6. That's a plus! However, I do miss my parents and my dog. I used to go once per week to visit them since I left their place. Especially hugging my lovely furball of a Yorkshire. I can just picture him coming at me full speed on my next visit when confinement is over.

    Do you think things will ever go back to "normal"?

    Yes. Unlike the start of all of this, when things happened in a heartbeat, return to normal will be much slower and gradual. A lot of people will need time to get back to how things were before and lots of things will need time to get back on track. Here, in Spain, we're in a state of emergency that has pushed back many things indefinitely. University entrance exams. Civil servant selection processes. Tax reports. Some people will probably need psychologists to some degree. So it will take time. But I also think some things will change, so not everything will be exactly as it used to. Hopefully for the better of all.


    How are you spending your time in quarantine?

    Not in quarantine yet. In Germany you are not allowed to meet more than one person outside of your household. People are generally encouraged to stay home. So I do just that. I stay home, I sometimes go out to meet with a good friend and I've also got school stuff to do.

    How has this crisis has changed your life?

    It has not affected me too much really. Shopping takes longer now. I have to work from home, which I'm not good at. I get distracted easily.

    Do you think things will ever go back to "normal"?

    I think so. Maybe not in the coming weeks. But this year, I'm sure of it.


    How are you spending your time in quarantine?

    I've been spending my time in quarantine by playing ALOT more Arma. I've also been busy with the normal Tech activities such as updated & maintaining servers, TS, website, GitLab stuff as well as helping FK with their technical difficulties related to Arma, TS, website, mission building, etc. There is quite a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to keep FK running. When I'm not doing things FK or Arma related I'm taking care of life admin. Things such as taxes, car repairs and items on the to-do list that you always keep ignoring. My wife and I are both into staying healthy and fit so we go on a run almost everyday and on the days we don't run we go for a walk. Getting outside is important to us and definitely helps keep us sane.

    How has this crisis has changed your life?

    The crisis has had a huge impact on my life as much as it has everyone else and we were one of the first in the U.S. to be put on a shelter-in-place order. I'm currently unemployed until flights start returning to normal and I'm able to travel through Europe without fear of getting stuck, etc. Luckily, my wife works in the tech industry so she has been working from home for about a month already and she makes ALOT more money than I do. So basically, I'm the stay at home husband for lack of a better term.

    Do you think things will ever go back to "normal"?

    I am confident things will return to "normal", but I think the pandemic will be seen by many as a wake-up call. I think here in the U.S. where we never go without wanting, the average American is getting it's first taste of items missing from store shelves. Something that I think hasn't happened since the Great Depression in 1930.


    Trainer's Corner

    New Medic Trainer

    The Medic Training Team is thrilled to announce that @griffin68965 is taking over for @Rhea as a Medical Trainer. Griffin has been working closely with the Medic Training Team for a while now on the new ACE3 update and was the perfect fit to allow for a smooth transition of duties. Please congratulate him next time you see him. 

    Training Events

    The Medic Training Team would also like to remind players that testing/training events will be up on the calendar for those interested in learning and using the new ACE3 medical settings. It is a big change, but the more you play the easier it will be when it goes live on the main Arma 3 server. Even if you are are not interested in becoming a tagged medic please come join these missions. Your feedback is needed to ensure this update will fit into FK's play style.


    Calendar Events

    Bored? yeah... we figured - come check out these cool calendar events!


    I have really enjoyed doing these INTREPs for you guys and across all 14 issues I've learned a lot about how to get information out to you in a clear, readable, and visually pleasing way. I want to thank you all for the feedback with each issue. I assure you that although I will no longer be here the INTREPs will continue. Please bring any stories, or news you'd like to have featured in upcoming INTREPs to @andyt90  - Rhea ❤️



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