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  • INTREP 015

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    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published twice per month, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.

    Meeting reports


    Staff news

    PR roster change

    Recently, two PR Officers resigned due to new personal commitments. Community members can now apply to become a Public Relations Officer. Fill out the application form if you're interested.

    PR Officers help the community grow: create captivating social media posts or record and edit your own footage to create an ARMA 3 cinematic. Are you good with graphic design? Draw up FK related designs from scratch. Even without applying, you can still help FK grow: message @Chuck Yeageron the forums or DM him on Discord if you have any suggestion or idea that would be fun to do. And we'll go from there.

    New event rules


    Technician's basement

    Our old website address is no longer available. Website visitors will get an error page when accessing fuckknows.eu. Please make sure to update all your bookmarks to fkgaming.eu 


    Public Relations news room

    Your vote is needed to decide what mission type will run on FK server #3. Please fill out the strawpoll ASAP to give your preference.

    • Liberation: Takistan Modern
    • Liberation: WWII Pacific
    • Hearts & Minds
    • Patrol Ops
    • ALiVE


    POLL: https://strawpoll.com/db461z7k


    Community Manager @Verichtcreated his own racing grounds in Altis. 


    ARMA3's most known terrain veteran, Icebreakr, recently had a chat with Bohemia Interactive to talk about his love for terrain making. His released maps have frequently been part of our mod packs. 


    ARMA 3 bingo



    Trainer's corner

    As many of you have surely heard, the new ACE medical rewrite update is around the corner. The Medic trainer team has released multiple new guides on how to keep your squad alive. Necessary knowledge for any Medic tagholder, it is also very helpful to all boots on the ground as we undergo a major change in the way we play. It could save you a lot of painful trouble out there, so don't try to tourniquet your neck. Take a look at the guides, and keep your eyes out for training events on the calendar to help bolster your knowledge.




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