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  • Cats Take Over (April Fools 2020)

    Rhea By Rhea, in Community News, , 5 comments, 2,370 views

    @Mavy has been a fierce and strong leader for FK Gaming for over 3 years now. He helped found this community along side Greybeard and has been here ever since. It is with a heavy heart that we announce today that Mavy will be stepping down as Admin of FK Gaming. 

    Mavy has chosen not 1 but 2 of FK Gaming's finest members to take his place as Admins. @Mittens and @Whiskers will now be leading this community as a partner Admin Team. This decision was not an easy one, and took months of planning and discussions. "It's just the clearest option. They are loved by the community as a whole, they have the means and knowledge to upkeep the servers, and frankly... I'm bored" Mavy said to the PR team in the weeks leading up to this announcement.

    Change is always difficult, and saying goodbye to a figure head such as Mavy is heartbreaking. Yet, Mittens and Whiskers have already begun their overhaul of the community to steer it in a more "friendly atmosphere" for it's members. With these changes our new Admin Team hopes that this new community can be celebrated as a "welcoming, family friendly environment". 


    Effective Immediately: 

    -FK Gaming will be re-branded as Meow Gaming (all banners/logos/visual assets will reflect this change)

    -Teamspeak Icons and Ranks will change 

              FNGs- A Fine Boi

              Regs- He Chonk

              Vets- A Heckin Chonker

              Mod- H E F T Y C H O N K

              PR - MEGACHONKER

              Tech - UBERCHONKER

              CM- OH LAWD HE COMIN

              Admin- The Cats

    -COMIC SANS returns as the official font

    -The mention of "Dogs" or animals of the "canine variety" is a bannable offence 

    -(The Admin Team understand this may take some time to get used to- The Staff team will warn members of breaking this rule for the first week after that bans will follow)

    -The player named "Dog" will be renamed "Furry Creature" until he picks a more suitable name

    -Minecraft will now be the main focus of the community instead of Arma 3 (Missions will continue for the first week but will be offline after that to allow for more minecraft servers)


    Welcome to Meow Gaming. We have you have a heckin' good time!

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