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    Rabit Salvokelk

    INTREP 031

    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published Monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports


    Staff News

    New member of the PR team

             @Fred has joined the PR team. Now it is no secret that even before joining PR Fred was doing some great work with FNF: Organising FK members to join different events and the regular weekly fights. Other than that he has also been doing some work with other outside communities always looking for something interesting to throw in the mix. Join us in wishing Fred luck in his role as a new Public Relations Officer.

    Mod testing is ongoing

              Mod Suggestions thread is now closed, mod testing is about to start however and the testing team is still open for new applicants. If you are interested see HERE
    Please note: If you were a member previously you will have to reapply as this group was purged to make sure the Team is constantly active each cycle. Should you have any questions about Mod Testing or the Team, please contact @Cyico or @Garfield0003

    Public Relations Operations

    FNF Titans

             FNF group has set up an event "FNF Titans" which will be broadcasted and shouted on multiple twitch accounts as shown below. If you wish for more information check THIS event. They are still looking for an extra back-up member so please message @Fred if you are interested. The event is just around the corner so join us in rooting for our own FK team participating in this event:

    Streaming from his perspective: FRED
    Shoutcasting: BarbarianWeeb and Lcpl_Liru
    Additional perspectives from FNF admins: Nemesis and SLDream

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit

    Trainer's Corner 

    Zeus tags application and evaluation system update

             An updated forum post on Zeus tags can be found below. A quote from the trainers says:  "There are no major changes, just a small cleanup and addition of a few points of clarification." Please feel free to turn to the relevant trainers or the trainer herdsman should you have any questions regarding this specific or any school of tags. You can join the training discord HERE.

    Community News

    New Veteran promotion

             @Malbryn has been promoted to the rank of veteran by the staff team, join us in congratulating him. If you feel like you wish to suggest someone who might be similarly ready for this kind of a promotion, feel free to use Suggest a Veteran form.


    Townhall #2 electric boogaloo

             Our very own @Monocled Badger has masterminded and run the first successful Townhall event, the second one is going to be run on March 13th, also visible in the calendar. An introductory post and more information on what it is and how to take part can be found HERE.

    Miscellaneous servers for custom games

             This time around it seems @AntiMatter is running not one but TWO Minecraft servers simultaneously (threads below). @Jerichron is organizing a privately hosted Vallheim server, if your interest is piqued you could contact him for details on how to join.


    Upcoming Events




    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @Wattsits from his Operation: Rush-maan Provence

    Things are going great here, hope y'all doing well - 🐇pgsoya6Cp-ApUHc0fNrTSuFl-h5dRkQ0eKVpBT4w-EPXI2NF01pSGZZSdWUDFhvRmkOkRpfx3X9ZibHVofsIdYIJi8AAlu5znofBqzY_4Y3X_2sA3UqlrO9iE4-T2vgXTGmLLdY8 Rabit

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