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Artillery Training


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Event details

Due to my work schedule this training maybe cancelled but with plenty of notice.

General information

First of all a bit of additional information. There will be two types of events for mortar training and evaluation.

  • Only training (max of 8 people)
  • Training with an evaluation at the end (max of 4 people)

Alternatively a one on one training or evaluation is also possible!

All of this will be written up into the mortar section on the forum soon™.

If I have time I will run through evals at the end for those that are eligible ie Regs+

Event information


  • Have basic knowledge about the ACE interaction system. 
  • Be able to do to very basic math at a reasonable speed ... Either in your head, on paper or with a normal calculator.
    • I'm talking about stuff like: 
      • 5.88 + (-104.2) = -98.32
      • 0.7 * 8.4 = 5.88
      • (1 - 793.28 / 1013.25) * 100 * -4.8 ≈ -104.2

What will we teach during this event:

  • Mortar crew loadout
  • Map reading for
    • mortar setup location.
    • distance to target and height difference
  • How to read rangetables
    • Mk6 / L16 (82mm)
    • M6 (60mm)
  • Kestrel usage (wind, temperature, air pressure)
  • Doing the calculations by hand with basic tools like pen, paper, calculator
  • How to respond to the RTO calling in a firemission 
  • How to adjust fire (RTO calls: "rounds where 200m short" or "50m long" ...)
  • How to prepare for incoming fire missions (what can you calculate before RTO calls for the firemission)
  • Load, aim and fire all kinds of mortars (Mk6, L16, M6, 120mm, ...)
  • How to use "extra tools" like the MicroDagr or Vector21 to help with the calculations
  • Very basic drone usage.

It is highly recommended reading the guide on Indirect Fire Support before attending this event. I will talk about the content of his guide from the mortar team side, but only briefly!


This event is NOT exclusive to Regs+. Anyone can RSVP.

We are limiting the RSVP to 8 people but most of the time not everybody who RSVP'ed shows up. Feel free to just be there at the time and you might be able to get in.

Be sensible, an amount of extreme fuckery (completely unnecessary or unrelated fucking around, stupid delays due to not paying attention .etc.) will get you kicked out of the training, possibly even with a ban, and maybe even a ban from further trainings.

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