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Operation No Russians


Mission Planner

Event details

The slots in this post are limited to regulars+, FNGs will only be able to play regular infantry (YOU DON'T CLAIM INFANTRY SLOTS!).
Priority will be given to tag holders, doesn't mean you can't try to claim a slot you have no tag for.

Mission 5: Operation Trump Wall

After the succesful extraction of civilians from Maruko, we have fled to the island of Fantasmo. We have setup a new FOB, from which we will launch our first attack to retake the island of lingor for our glorious leader Trump! We will capture palida from those rebel scum! And while we are at it, we also need to secure surrounding areas to give us resources to help our attack and cripple the enemy.

Objective: Capture Palida and the surrounding area.

Success conditions: 

  • Palida is secured

Failure conditions:

  • All soldiers die (no respawns)

Optional conditions:

  • Secure the oil field south of palida
  • Secure the area west of palida


2x AH-6M-L

2x UH-60M

A bunch of boats



Role: First Pick (Backup or special condition)

Orange name - Tag holder (If you have an orange name, you are certain of that slot. still be on time!)


Leader: Netheral

2IC: NeilZar

FAC: Shadowlink

UAV Operator: Anden3


Heli (x4): Woody, cineafx, theminion, UniDigit

Squad leads:

Lenny, Callistano, Kalagen, Siri, Cavalierr, Timberhawk

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Posted (edited)

Would also like pilot.

EDIT: 'hammed ain't got tags afaik.

Edited by UniDigit

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PVT. J. Mohammed


1 hour ago, UniDigit said:

Would also like pilot.

EDIT: 'hammed ain't got tags afaik.

That's right, you get the slot know but it said doesnt mean you.you cant try :D

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3 hours ago, Chuck Yeager said:

For drone; can it be an unarmed UCAV or raven?

It is a darter drone.

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