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This event will be for medical and CSAR tag holders who are wanting to get there tags back after the medical update. It is
therefore open to tag holders only, however if there are spaces available come start time regs+ can join.

In the event we will be covering all the changes that are coming with the new medical system. The event is scheduled to take 2 hours,
however this may vary depending on how quickly we get through things. The major topics will be treating cardiac arrest, and the changes to
morphine, as well as the recommended changes to your medical loadout. There will also be time for questions at the end if you think we missed anything.

The event will be held on FK6, and we ask that all attendees gather in the Medial training room on TS a few minutes before start.
the modset required can be found below

As stated above the RSVP is for tag holders only.
attending this training does not give priority in slotting,
and tag holders who attend will be placed on the eval list.


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