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Operation: Planting the Sead


Mission Planner

Event details

Operation: Planting the Sead - Wattsits & Vericht Calendar Event - 48 Slots

This is a joint community event with members of TeamBrrrt & Oper8Heaven. The limitations are dictated by the nature of the event and will not be the common occurence. 

Theatre - Virolahti
Expected Environs - Reskopinsuo; Siipioravanvuori; Ämmälamminvuori

Player Force - US Army [SBCT] Infantry Battalion || 1st & 2nd Reconnaissance Platoon's
Friendly Force - US Army Stryker Brigade Combat Team [SBCT]
Hostile Force - The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Two reconnaissance platoon's from a Stryker Brigade Combat Team are dropped behind enemy lines to surpress a S-400 [SA-21] long range air defense system. 

Primary Objective
- Destroy the S-400 Tracking Radar at the launch site
- Destroy all four S-400 Launchers at the launch site

Secondary Objective
- Destroy all Search Radar's in the surrounding area. (Denoted as Area of Interests on your map)

Failure Conditions
- Mission reaches 21:15 BST, and the S-400 Battalion is not incapacitated
- Either Platoon is 20% effective at any one time (i.e. incapacitated or killed)

Additional Notes
- Respawns will be at Zeus discretion.
- Resupply is unavailable (including vehicles)


1st & 2nd Platoon Compositions
This mission will be running with two platoon's working together to complete the same goal. The table below is the reservable roles for each platoon.
DUE NOTE: Some squads will have members from other communities pre-allocated when slots are assigned. [1.3 - 2.3] 
SQUAD 3 of each platoon is NON RESERVABLE!                          ----------------------   =  Unreservable
(Each Squad and HQ will have a Stryker M1127, and the SL is expected to command this vehicle. No vehicles are expected to be abandoned unless destroyed.

Role 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon
PLATOON HQ (1.6 - 2.6)    
Platoon Leader @Garfield0003 @Tomo
Platoon 2IC @YoshiGames @Resurge
Platoon Radio Operator @Hyxogen @colt92
SQUAD 1 (1.1 - 2.1)    
Squad Leader @Servok @Alex
Stryker Driver @SAUCEGODISHALL @SGz_Eliminated
Team Leader @kMaN @info
Autorifleman --------------------- ---------------------
Autorifleman Assistant --------------------- ---------------------
Rifleman (LAT) --------------------- ---------------------
Medic @Root @Wheezy
SQUAD 2 (1.2 - 2.2)    
Squad Leader   @Massive Cuntasaurus
Stryker Driver @Sasquatch Rick @Articwinter
Team Leader @ChronoZoggt @Whitelock
Autorifleman --------------------- ---------------------
Autorifleman Assistant --------------------- ---------------------
Rifleman (LAT) --------------------- ---------------------
Medic @LurkerOne @johnb43
SQUAD 3 (1.3 - 2.3)    
Squad Leader @andyt90 @Monocled Badger
Stryker Driver --------------------- ---------------------
Team Leader --------------------- ---------------------
Autorifleman --------------------- ---------------------
Autorifleman Assistant --------------------- ---------------------
Rifleman (LAT) --------------------- ---------------------
Medic @Xenborg @Rhea

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Posted (edited)

Squad 3 SL  slot please (no tags) (reg)  If not possible Squad 1.2 SL slot please

Edited by Resurge

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Posted (edited)

Squad 2, 2.2 medic, please (have tags).

Edited by johnb43

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Posted (edited)

squad 1.2 medic please have tags

Edited by LurkerOne

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Gib me Squad lead for one of the squads for one of the communities k thanks :D

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Posted (edited)

 SQUAD 1 1.1 -Stryker Driver


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Conga Line of Neckbeards

Posted (edited)

Nvm. Me dumb.

Edited by Conga Line of Neckbeards
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