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PvPvE Prophet Competition


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There are 2 Teams of two players each, attempting to eliminate as many of the 3 HVT’s located on the map.  Once one team has eliminated 2 HVT’s, the extraction locations become valid for that team which is their path to victory.  The only way the opposing team can win is to eliminate that team (both players). 

Respawns will be set to 8-minute rolling, until 2 HVT’s have been killed by a single team, then no more respawns. 

HVT kills will be announced in global, objective markers will be updated on map to reflect which HVT’s have been killed by which team.  If an HVT is hit but not killed, map markers will not be changed.  

The winner of a coin-flip may pick their start location.

Each team will be provided two (2) M-ATV’s.  View distance will be set at 3000m

Rules for Sniper Competition

  1. No Stream Sniping
  2. Zeus intervention will be minimal
  3. No Resupply
  4. Standard “non-medic” Medical limits apply (6 bandages, 1 epi, 1 morph, etc.)
  5. Limit your bitching
  6. Standard Prophet rules apply (1 spotter, 1 shooter)


Reply below for teams. May do more later if this has any interest.

Played on FK2. 

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Sadly, I'm going to have to pull off due to IRL stuff that came up. Wishing the other teams good luck :)

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