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Op: Axios Behemoth


Mission Planner

Event details

Op: Axios Behemoth


by Aizen

The russian VDV forces have been driven out of Celle and fallen back in to Schweimlitz. Gradually falling back due to heavy fights and limited supplies.
We are here to strike at their latests fallbacks. In addition to neutralizing a possible MLRS site. 

  a) Enemy Forces
      1. 150-200 infantry on objectives. 
      2. Roaming patrols and QRF from northern sectors and nearby outposts.

    b) Friendly Forces
      1. Motorised FOX and WOLF plt, FALCON flight
c) Remarks
      1. Advice infantry to not overload with ammo. Supplies should be brought in crates within vehicles
      2. FALCON flights need to switch to transport birds for reinforcements

     a) Sweep and clear both towns within the fortified fallback area
     b) Sweep and clear the MLRS outpost

            Ground troops infil via vics from Staging area, advisory that they take a route to avoid the two towns marked with red exclemation mark.
            Systematic clearing of each town as well as maintaining standard patrol security when moving from town to town.
            Falcon flight will be able to provide CAS observations as well as switching to transports for reinforcemenets.
           "RRR" for Falcon Flight will take roughly 4 mintues regardless of fuel/ammo/status.
            Ammocrates can be spawned in at SUPPLIES by cmd or COs for loading in to vehicles/helicopters.

   a) Maintenance
      1. Helicopter RRR at "Staging area Mythical" (4min rrr)
   b) Supplies
      1. Supply crates can be aquired by CO's at "SUPPLIES" with ace interact. Designed to be loaded in to vehicles
Rifle: M4A1
MMG: M240G
LMG: M249
LAT: m72

      -Platoon Leader:  NeilZar
      -Platoon Sergeant: Rezonath
      -Platoon RTO: Silberjojo
      -Platoon Medic: Linnet

      -Squad Leader: GhostSquid
      -Autorifleman: Oswald
      -Grenadier: Vipershell
      -Rifleman: Sir_Sanic
      -Autorifleman: LastRanger37
      -Grenadier: BlackJack
      -Rifleman: Avian

      -Squad Leader: V1rU5
      -Autorifleman: Dirk Gently
      -Grenadier: Blutze
      -Rifleman: LlamasBizzaras
      -Autorifleman: Mittens
      -Grenadier: Sanddude
      -Rifleman: Boss of Nubs

      -Squad Leader: Judgeman
      -Autorifleman: Vizel
      -Grenadier: CpestK
      -Rifleman: BazilBrush14
      -Autorifleman: Lukas
      -Grenadier: Mekboy_4000
      -Rifleman: Nodzz

      -Squad Leader: Callistano
      -Fireteamleader: Rorkiy
      -Autorifleman: SGz_Eliminated
      -Grenadier: Beardedstate
      -Rifleman: BigT
      -Fireteamleader: Brelf
      -Autorifleman: Snapjaw
      -Grenadier: LtRampageX
      -Rifleman: Fido



      -Platoon Leader:  Woody
      -Platoon Sergeant: Netheral
      -Platoon RTO:
      -Platoon Medic: Andre

      -Squad Leader: Lenny
      -Fireteamleader: Radio
      -Autorifleman: SM-
      -Grenadier: Fenrir
      -Rifleman: Nick Colt
      -Fireteamleader: Aizen
      -Autorifleman: Jacob_Waltz
      -Grenadier: F4bst3r1337
      -Rifleman: King Mikey

      -Squad Leader: Derpy
      -Autorifleman: Richard
      -Grenadier: DoctaDoone
      -Rifleman: Zoteri_Andrew
      -Autorifleman: Grimm Hunter
      -Grenadier: Kalagen
      -Rifleman: Blue Nexus

      -Squad Leader: 

      -Squad Leader: 


WEAPONS 2x of each:

      -MMG Gunner:
      -MMG Assistant:
      -MAT Gunner: Bonsie, Conga Line of Neckbeards
      -MAT Assistant: Bag of Otters


   FALCON 1-4:
      -Helicopter Pilot: Cineafx
      -Helicopter co-pilot: Wattsits






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Posted (edited)

Would like to grab pilot. But if woody also asks for it I'll take co-pilot.


EDIT: not going do to IRL stuff.

Edited by UniDigit

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Posted (edited)

Co-pilot / pilot please. (Which ever is still available)

Which CAS / transport bird is Falcon going to get?

Edited by cineafx

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Posted (edited)

Would love to platoon lead this.

Otherwise I'll take flight lead.

Edited by Woody

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6 minutes ago, aizen said:

Yall are gettin em 50cal gau19 melbs yo.

I T S             L I T                  F A M 

  • Upvote 1

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Posted (edited)

I'm I'm I'm good with anything but preferably a rifleman

Edited by BazilBrush14

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Conga Line of Neckbeards


Would also like either of the medic slots. No tag yet, training done, should be competent, but waiting for evaluations. 

Alternatively would like any MAT gunner.

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