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FK Space Station 13 Private Server event - Come learn! Come play! Come betray!

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Hello! When most people hear Space Station 13, they usually think "oh it's too complex for me" or something along those lines. While it certainly has a steep learning curve, once the basics are learned you can create hilarious stories with others.

Ever wanted to explore space Star-Trek style and visit alien worlds? Do you enjoy light role-playing elements and betraying your friends? Are you into science? You'll be right at home here.
Most of the hurdles of learning the game stem from the fear of getting in other peoples' way during rounds and things of that nature, but I've recently figured out how to host a private build of a very excellent server. It'll be just us, the first few rounds will likely be just us messing around and getting new or returning players used to the game and how to work with the ship, and we can do some full-on RP rounds via the in-game text chat once people are more comfortable.


How to install the game:
This is gone over in more detail in the video embedded below, but in essence you'll need to install a client called BYOND in order to connect and play.
Download link is available here: http://www.byond.com/download/

Just install the package (no, it's not a virus it's just old) and after you've created an account and signed into the client, you'll be good to go.
Please either poke me with your BYOND username or put it here in the comments so I can whitelist you for the event. Please please send this to me in advance because I don't want to be whitelisting people for half an hour after we're supposed to have started.


Now then, with installation out of the way, I highly recommend you just skim through the wiki and take a look at the maps of the SEV Torch and the various jobs available.
The Torch is very large, with 6 decks and many different departments. Please take a minute or two to just glance these things over before the event starts.
Resources for the Ship and Jobs:

It would be advisable to keep the wiki open during the event as a reference



Please RSVP if you're interested so I have an idea on how many people will be here, and let's have a good time!


If anyone is interested in seeing gameplay or some background on the game, this video does a very good job at giving a well-rounded image of the game: 


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Rabit Salvokelk


Man i actually got hypers for this but the time. Sunday 23.00 is late :C
you guys have fun tho

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JovianArchiver. I'll take either Engineer or Senior Engineer if there isn't one, as I've played before and am familiar with how to not blow up the Torch.

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Rabit Salvokelk


@Spalone Thanks for this, even though i could only play a bit i managed to die of asphyxiation in space and also later drink myself to death. I got 4 hours of sleep and work today was absolute ass but man it was worth it ❤️ 

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