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Operation Tethered Neptune


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Monocled Badger

Event details


This will take place on FK#2 from 1600 - 1800 GMT
The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it.

To attend you MUST RVSP and DECLARE your slot.

This will be slower paced than most people are used to, and this mission in particular has a focus a story task before contact

Event details
Player Faction

Special Boat Service (SBS) - Z Squadron
2 x 8 Man Teams

Friendly Forces

Opposing Forces

Operation Tethered Neptune
Over the last few months, the Island state of Malden has been recovering from a Civil War in which Governmental forces narrowly won. The International community rallied behind them and the populace in providing aid to the war torn region in the form of Humanitarian aid, in the form of both Manpower and supplies. In recent days, in spite of the prior victory, we have learned dissident Ultranationalists have staged a successful coup and placed the Island under Martial Law. Using fear and intimidation to keep the populace in check despite their small numbers.

Wanting to prevent a mass exodus of the population, the Ultranationalists have created a blockade of naval mines of the 2 main ports used. These mines need to be defused for both the successful invasion as well as the free passage of the Populace. Intelligence suggest that the marked area contains the Minefield itself and numbers close to 3 dozen mines in all. The vast majority of these between the shores need to be defused. Additionally there are 2 Semi-Soft targets of opportunity that are in close proximity. The timing is fortunate. A heavy storm is rolling in ahead of the operation providing the perfect cover for this Raid to be conducted. While Visibility Underwater will be minimal, it will greatly increase the time for the minefield to be defused without notice. 

Both Teams are being inserted via SDVs from the HMS Trafalgar at the marked location in the South East.



The International community has condemned the recent events and a UN Force is being prepped to move into the region by force and restore order and later peacekeeping operations. However, before the Marine invasion can begin the ground work for their success must be laid and the UK Government has leant the services of the Special Boat Service to this task. Several key tasks have been entrusted to us:

The first is to defuse the Marked minefield allowing passage through the harbour and to allow for future control of the ports. The second is a raid on a Rader and Communications outpost South of the Military Base that the Ultranationalists are funnelling a large amount of their Comms traffic through. The third is a raid on a Repair, Rearm and Refuelling Depot. While small - it is the primary one used for the forces station on the East side of Malden. 

Crippling both the Communications outpost as well as the RRR Depot will hamper the Ultranationalists ability to respond and resist on the Mainland when the International Task Force arrives. Ideally, to maintain the element of surprise and to prevent a prolonged engagement drawing the Military Bases garrison into the situation, both Objectives will be assaulted at the same time.

Primary Objectives
1) Defuse the minefield blocking both Ports
2) Assault and Demo the Communications and Radar Outpost (Reference Marker Kilo One)



3) Assault and Cripple the RRR Depot (Reference Marker Kilo Two)



Slots (If you RSVP - designate the slot you would like)
Special Boat Service (SBS) - Z Squadron - Team 1
Squad Leader:
Medic: @LurkerOne
2IC: @Veagance
First Mine Defuser: @riccardi48
Second Mine Defuser:
Designated Marksmen: @TheSalader
Rifleman: @Abi
Rifleman: @EpsilonNiner

Special Boat Service (SBS) - Z Squadron - Team 2
Squad Leader:
Medic: @magnusnielsen
First Mine Defuser:
Second Mine Defuser: @vladdis611
Designated Marksmen: @KingShibe
Rifleman: @kMaN
Rifleman: @Conga Line of Neckbeards

Gear Restrictions:
(Square brackets denote mod)

           UNIFORM : Wet Suit (NATO) [Base Game]
           VEST : Rebreather [Base Game]
           HELMET : FAST Ballistic (Black/Headset) [RHS Blue]
           FACEWEAR : Diving Goggles (NATO) [Base Game]
           BACKPACK : Field Pack (Black) [Base Game]
           RIFLE : L119A1 with Front Grip [UK3CB BAF] - IOR-Valdada Pitbull 2 [Base Game] - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - Suppressor (L85) [UK3CB BAF) - 5.56MM SOST 30Rnd PMAG [NIArms]
           DMR : HL417A2 20" (Black) [APEX DLC] - SU-230A/PVS ]RHS Blue] - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - AAC 762-SD [RHS Blue] - 7.62 mm 20Rnd Mag
           PISTOL : Glock 17 [RHS Blue] - Steiner DBAL-PL (IR) [NIArms] - AAC Evolution 9 [NIArms] - 17rnd Glock M882 FMJ [RHS Blue]
           LAT : NONE
           OPTICS : Rangefinder
           NVG : Head-Mounted NV System [BAF]
           RADIOS : SR - AN/PRC-152 [TFAR]

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