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Fapovo Fractured - Mission 0 (Prelude)


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Event details

This mission will be on FK#2, and serve as a prequel/setup mission to my campaign, detailed below. Please read it to get full context of the situation of the land.


This mission will also be "sandbox" in nature. There will be no markers beyond your start, and you will have to complete your objective as best as possible within the time limit. This also means that you may run into little to no contact, which is probably advisable given your extremely poor equipment.

"In order to prepare for our first major action in this conflict we are going to need more transportation to help leave our home island. To this end we need to secure (read: steal) boats. We don't care where or how you get them from, but know that some will be harder and some will be easier, depending on your location of choice. Do also make sure you bring no one back to our island via your trail, we don't want to expose ourselves too early."

Due to the sandbox nature of this event, before the mission actually starts I will speak with the lead element of the mission and ask for some vague ideas of locations they'd like to go so I can prepare them or provide locally available intel on who or what is there, if known.  They will also be able to decide time of day, and perform other scouting duties if they believe it will be helpful to future operations. You will also start with just 1 boat, and need to bring it and any others at least partially back towards your start location on Isla Laura.

MAP: (Start and general surrounding locations.) 



This mission will have heavily restricted gear, to simulate a force that is new and desperately underequipped. You may however loot enemies if possible (no looting radios though due to the fact that all AI spawn with one due to Arma's setup that I can't change easily).
For looting enemy vehicles - you are only civilians with essentially no military training. You cannot steal vehicles that civilians would not be able to man.

Uniform: Any Eastern-European Civilian Dress (3CB Factions stuff basically)

Vest: Nothing with protection, only items like "Hip Pouch" or similar.

Helmet: Civilian style only. Nothing silly, and no protection.

Backpack: Anything non-military looking.

Weaponry Selection: 

1 M84a Scorpion per squad max. 
Otherwise: Mosin Nagant M38 (No rails), Kar98k, TT-33, Chiappa Rhino, PM, Maglite ML300L.

Only one weapon per person from this list.

Weaponry Limitations:

  • No magnification
  • Maximum 5 clips/magazines for any weapon
  • No weapon attachments.

Gear Limitations:

Only Leadership Elements may carry SR Radios and binoculars. No LRs allowed.

None of the following: 
GPS, NV capable devices, Rangefinders, BFT, tactical ladder, placeable/throwable explosives, launchers.

Only 1 of the following per person:
Any Smoke grenade or Fragmentation Grenade.


[Tags and regs priority for reserving. Also, I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

Lead Element (SL): @Root

Medic: @TheSalader

Team Leader 1: @vladdis611

Rifleman 1: @Conga Line of Neckbeards

Rifleman 2: @Dog

Rifleman 3: @Resurge

Team Leader 2: @johnb43

Rifleman 1: @GloppinBoopin


Rifleman 3: @EpsilonNiner

Recommended Comments

I'll throw my hat in the ring for any open space except medic. I have no applicable tags.

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If there are any slots left - I would like to take any of them. I have tags for all their respective roles.

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Slots have been assigned, and Root and I are discussing his plan for the mission.

Please try and remember to attend the mission, and give me plenty of notice if you suddenly can't.

Apologies to those who didn't get a slot, but I tried to keep it relatively fair and you'll get a chance for something similar when I run the sequel to this as a main.

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2 minutes ago, Wheezy said:

hold up i asked for TL1 2ic

Apologies, I missed that. But in this case it was entirely arbitrary who ended up in what team, number was just to differentiate the fact there was two teams. You can pretend that your team is team 1 if you prefer.

Also there is no designated 2iC, you can figure that out between you all in the mission.

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1 minute ago, Sarissa said:

@Tomo - turns out I got my times mixed up, I can't make this one

Gotcha, will swap out now.

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