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Fapovo Fractured - Mission 1 (Opening Gambit)


Mission Planner

Event details

 This mission will be on FK#1, and serve as the opener mission to my campaign, detailed below. Please read it to get full context of the situation of the land.



"Our uprising starts in earnest, now. However, due to the extreme failure of our initial operation, we have even less equipment and some cleaning up to do. But no matter, we will cobble together what we have, and use the enemies' weakness and overconfidence against them. Starting with that military base the Botanians built so close to our home territory, we will rush them and claim better armaments for ourselves. To get across the water, one more brave fisherman has volunteered himself and his boat to get us across. From there, we can fight into the village of Vilay and find where our comrades are being held (after being traded incorrectly with the Sharkovians thinking they were theirs). We will need to intercept them before they are moved to the nearby new prison.

Timing will be crucial in all of this. We will attack in the evening, hit hard while they do not expect it, and retreat out when darkness falls and use that to our advantage.

- Cross water to enemy base
- Find a cache of weapons or eliminate enemies and take their gear
- Find missing friendlies in Vilay
- Extract out before it is dark (21:15 UK time) [It will be light enough before this, darkness is just the mission end/extract condition].




This mission will have heavily restricted gear, to simulate a force that is new and desperately underequipped. You may however loot enemies if possible (no looting radios though due to the fact that all AI spawn with one due to Arma's setup). A basic public loadout will be provided.
For looting enemy vehicles - you are only civilians with essentially no military training. You cannot steal vehicles that civilians would not be able to man.

Uniform: Any Eastern-European Civilian Dress (3CB Factions stuff basically)

Vest: Nothing with protection or obvious military origin, only items like "Hip Pouch", "Pistol Holster", or similar.

Helmet: Civilian style only. Nothing silly, and no protection.

Backpack: Anything non-military looking. 

Weaponry Selection: 

1 M84a Scorpion per team max. 
Otherwise: Mosin Nagant M38 (No rails), Kar98k, TT-33, Chiappa Rhino, PM, Kozlice 12G variants, IZh-18.

Only one weapon per person from this list. I.e no primary + secondary, just one gun total.

Weaponry Limitations:

  • No magnification
  • Maximum 5 total clips/magazines for any weapon, or 24 shotgun shells.
  • No weapon attachments.
  • If you die and respawn, you must re-loot equipment in the field.

Equipment Limitations:

Only Leadership Elements may carry SR Radios and binoculars. No LRs allowed.

None of the following: 
GPS, NV capable devices, Rangefinders, tactical ladder, placeable/throwable explosives, e-tool, flash/stun grenades, launchers, looting radios.

Only 1 of the following per person:
Any Smoke grenade or Fragmentation Grenade.

General Limitations:

  • No drawing in side after brief
  • BFT disabled


[Tags and regs priority for reserving. Also, I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

To simulate the more rag-tag nature of this mission, infantry will be broken up into fireteam elements only. Each team will consist of 1 leader and 3 members, slotted into each squads' fireteams. AR slot is just another member of the team.

Commander (Plt Tags): @riccardi48 [No Tags]
2iC (2iC Tags): 
3x Doctor (Medic Tags): @Elkano [No Tags],
Boat Driver (Reg+): @LurkerOne

Group 1 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 2 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 3 Lead (TL Tags): @TacticalPanda [No Tags]
Group 4 Lead (TL Tags): @Rtiler96
Group 5 Lead (TL Tags): @PVT. J. Mohammed [No Tags]
Group 6 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 7 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 8 Lead (TL Tags):

(More slots are available, but there won't be reservations for them)

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Nevermind, I forgot I had an appointment outside of working hours. Reeeeeee

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How do I delete a comment ❤️ 

(Medic FNG please)

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PVT. J. Mohammed

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Group 5 TL please, no tags


Edit: Nevermind, might not make it


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Group 1 reporting Equipment brought back to base: 

  • 1 AK-74M, 9 Mags
  • 1 AK-74, 3 Mags
  • 1 PKP, 450 rounds 
  • 1 AKM, 8 Mags
  • 1 Scorpion, 7 Mags
  • various medical supplies
  • 4 Helmets
  • 4 Bulletproof vests
  • 3x White Smoke Grenades
  • 12 RGD-5 HE Grenades

Group one also recruited a civilian for the cause

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