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28/04/21 is the deadline for Signing Up for the event, not the actual date of said event. As it stands, the EU round of FNF Titans (what we are signing up for) is scheduled to take place at 20:00 UTC May 8th (Saturday) 


FNF Titans is a event created by the FNF team. It is a 7v7 tournament pitting many different communities against each other; the winning team receiving bragging rights over the others.  
They have also released a teaser trailer for you viewing pleasure: 

FK will be bringing 7 participants + 2 backup.

The squad composition is customisable based on this list:

  1. Squad leader
  2. Marksman (4x Optic)
  3. Medic
  4. Medic
  5. Auto Rifleman
  6. Assistant Auto Rifleman
  7. Combat engineer
  8. Rifleman (LAT) (M72A7 / RPG26)
  9. Machine Gunner
  10. Ammo Bearer (MG)


  • Only 7 slots can be chosen by each team, and can be changed in between rounds to their liking.
  • BLUFOR standard loadout - M4A1 Block II/M16A4, M249 and M240
  • OPFOR standard loadout - AK74, PKM and PKP

The basic squad composition will be created once the slots have been filled.

If you wish to participate, enter your name in the comments and state your preferred role

Current Roster (NAME - PREFERED SLOT) (7/9):

  1.  @Fred- Combat Engineer / Squad Leader
  2. @Griffin68965 - DMR
  3.  @vladdis611 - Combat Engineer
  4. @Resurge - Squad Leader
  5. @riccardi48 - Any
  6. @GloppinBoopin - LAT / Medic
  7. @kMaN - Autorifleman / MG


FNF Discord: https://discord.gg/e4SKmhF
Google Doc with more info

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i don't mind what role. i can fill whatever needed

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