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Fapovo Fractured - Mission 2 (Blame Game)


Mission Planner

Event details

 This mission will be on FK#1, and serve as the second part of my campaign, detailed below. Please read it to get full context of the situation of the land. There are also brief updates in the thread for how previous missions went for those who want to catch up.



"Our maiden voyage ended in great success my brothers. We are however still a small force and so must cover our tracks such that the Botanans do not suspect us for their losing the personnel of their new military base.

To this end, we will be staging what I believe is called a "False Flag" operation. We will be pushing our boats down the narrow rivers of Sharkovo, and ambushing a small convoy of guard shift changers that usually happen around dawn. After ambushing this we will take the bodies for planting later as fake evidence. We have also identified that there is a nearby military uniform production factory, where we will steal some Sharkovian uniforms. We will use these uniforms and equipment looted from the guards there to stage an attack on another Botanan area, planting the bodies of Sharkovians and their equipment to make them believe these attacks are not a new force in the civil war, us.

Additionally we will need to secure more waterborne transportation for us. The nearby Isla Tera will be a prime target here, but we will need to be careful as we know they are amassing forces there. Getting in and out quickly will be of utmost importance.

We move out at dawn. Best of luck out there."

Objective List:
- Locate and steal new boats
- Ambush a Sharkovian convoy and bodybag at least 6 bodies (cargo space limitations in boats)
- Attack and loot a Sharkovian uniform/military factory. 
- Using the above looted gear, assault two Botanan military compounds and plant bodies as fake evidence before leaving ASAP.


TbwKo3K.jpg w5cNb7v.jpg



This mission will have heavily restricted gear, to simulate a force that is new and desperately underequipped. You may however loot enemies if possible (no looting radios though due to the fact that all AI spawn with one due to Arma's setup). A basic public loadout will be provided.
For looting enemy vehicles - you are only civilians with essentially no military training. You cannot steal vehicles like BTRs and above.

Uniform: Any Eastern-European Civilian Dress (3CB Factions stuff basically)

Vest: Nothing with protection or obvious military origin, only items like "Hip Pouch", "Pistol Holster", or similar.

Headgear: Civilian style only. Nothing silly, and no protection.

Backpack: Anything non-military looking. 

Weaponry Selection: 

Each team may have only one of each:
AK47 or 74
SVD (remember, no scopes!)

Otherwise: Mosin Nagant M38 (No rails), Kar98k, TT-33, Chiappa Rhino, PM, Kozlice 12G variants, IZh-18.

Only one weapon per person from this list. I.e no primary + secondary, just one gun total.

Weaponry Limitations:

  • No magnification/weapon attachments.
  • Maximum 5 total clips/magazines for any weapon, or 24 shotgun shells.
  • If you die and respawn, you must re-loot equipment in the field.

Equipment Limitations:

Only Leadership Elements may carry SR Radios and binoculars. No LRs allowed. You may loot binos and radios from dead/unconscious friendlies, however you must drop them once they return to the field.

None of the following: 
GPS, NV capable devices, Rangefinders, tactical ladder, placeable/throwable explosives, e-tool, flash/stun grenades, launchers, looting radios.

Only 1 of the following per person:
Any Smoke grenade or Fragmentation Grenade.

General Limitations:

  • No drawing in side after brief
  • BFT disabled
  • No looting enemy radios (Arma limitation reasons)
  • No crewing enemy armoured vehicles.


[Tags and regs priority for reserving. Also, I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

To simulate the more rag-tag nature of this mission, infantry will be broken up into fireteam elements only. Each team will consist of 1 leader and 3 members, slotted into each squads' fireteams in the templates. AR slot is just another member of the team.

Commander (Plt Tags): @riccardi48 [No Tags]
2iC (2iC Tags):
3x Doctor (Medic Tags): @LurkerOne
Boat Driver (aka Plt Rifleman, Reg+): @PVT. J. Mohammed

Group 1 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 2 Lead (TL Tags): @Rtiler96
Group 3 Lead (TL Tags): @Whitelock
Group 4 Lead (TL Tags): @Veagance
Group 5 Lead (TL Tags): 
Group 6 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 7 Lead (TL Tags):
Group 8 Lead (TL Tags):

(More slots are available, but there won't be reservations for them)

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Actually scratch last, I’d like to be within riccardi’s yelling range. Gib 2iC please

Sorry, had other things planned. I'll give the pleasures to someone else.

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