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Chuck's Convenient Classes


Training Planner
Chuck Yeager

Event details

While Slouchy is being chased by Canadian wildlife, I will briefly be hosting a parallel training session, aimed at new players (FNG's) joining the FK community. This training session will provide a hands-on introduction to elementary knowledge benefitting your first days on the FK server.

My conveniently called Convenient Classes will cover:

- TFAR, setting up and usage
- Arsenal usage
- Standard squad layout and roles, who shoots what
- Basic formations, who shoots where
- Basic ACE modules & Basic ACE medical
- AT Training

This training session does not jumpstart you to Regular or does not give you any tag or progression towards it, this is purely meant for people new to the community as an aid.

Please RSVP to this event so I know how many people would be attending. Any further questions can be PM'ed and I will answer you ASAP.

How to join: wait in the General Training room on TeamSpeak at least 5 minutes before the training session is scheduled to start.

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6 minutes ago, Cavalierr said:

Im willing to be an instructor for this.

Depending on the progress of the first few sessions and/or the amount of FNG's, i'll keep you in mind :)

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I'm not particularly "new" per say, but it can't hurt. Also I suck with AT launchers so there's that.

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20 minutes ago, Barcuck Osama said:

How would I join when starting? Should I wait in the FNGs' Waiting Room or General Training?

General Training room is fine if you can access it. I'll poke all attendees prior to training start.

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Sorry for the late notice. Family stuff has come up, I'm not gonna be able to make it.


Have fun.

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Formations and AT procedure were especially useful parts of the session, as things that are hard to learn mid-game.

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10 hours ago, Chuck Yeager said:

Lowl (left halfway)

That was BeserkerRodent, another one of Digby's mods. I'm gonna punch him about the naming thing when I get the chance.

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