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Operation Lost Memer


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The slots in this post are limited to regulars+!
Priority will be given to tag holders, doesn't mean you can't try to claim a slot you have no tag for.

Mission 9: Operation Lost Memer

With the capture of victoring and lagosa, we have close to our first big objective in the area, the Aeropuerto Sargento. When the russians captured it, it was turned into their southern base, which means it has been occupied for months already. So to take it will require a large force. Therefore, platoon has made the decision to first clear the area around the airport, so we have more angles to attack from on the final assault.

So to make sure we have a good approach, we will clear Negrosa and Faunaverde.
To make sure we can't get flanked from the north by rebels, we will clear Pancho.
And to have an even bigger area cleared, we would also like to clear Montehofo.

Because we lost both LAV's in the last mission we need to wait one mission for a resupply of those, so we have taken the M113's out of the garage and dusted them off a bit.

Main objectives: 

  • Capture Negrosa
  • Capture Faunaverde

Secondary objectives:

  • Clear Montehofo
  • Clear Pancho

Failure conditions:

  • All soldiers die (no respawns)
  • It takes more than 60 minutes after first contact and russian reinforcements outnumber us.


  • 2x AH-6M-M
  • 3x M113A3 (M2)


Slots to be assigned beforehand:
Role: First Pick (Backup or special condition)


Leader: Netheral

2IC: NeilZar

FAC: Mulletshock

RTO: Rezonath

Vehicle Crew

Commanders (3x): Anden3, TEG, Nova

Driver (3x): Conga Line of Neckbeards, ThePier, Toffrocket

Air Crew

Pilots (2x): TheMinion

Co-pilots (2x): Silberjojo, Darth_mario

Squad Leads (6x):

Lenny (Echo), Doctadoone, Brelf (Bravo), C-O-B-R-A, Gditz (Charlie)

List will be finalized one hour before the mission!


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Chuck Yeager

Posted (edited)

Co-Pilot please (no tag)

edit: can't make it anymore

Edited by Chuck Yeager

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Medic in any squad, I should be able to take part in this mission. Otherwise i'll edit this post in the afternoon

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On 8/13/2017 at 01:28, Don said:

Role: UAV Op.

Sorry about that, forgot to remove the UAV operator from the list, there is none this mission.

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First pick: Medic for any squad
Second pick: AAR for any squad
Third pick: Any other squad slot

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I'll put this here, because some people don't understand it.

Only the slots specified in the post above are dibsed. Any other slots like regular squad slots or medic slots are done through the normal slotting process and can't be asked for here.

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This event is now closed to further comments.
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