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Task Force Talon: Milites & Hastati


Mission Planner

Event details

Task Force Talon: Velites & Testudo

RSVP (capped at 51) is first come, first served, regulars+ who have the tags are given priority for slots shown in TOE below.

Campaign Thread: 

Missions: 2

Milites (51 slots)

FK Forces are to investigate a nearby Stone Quarry to ascertain the nature of enemy assets and eliminate said assets if need be.



FOX 6 Lead: Rezonath
FOX 1 SL: Doctadoone
FOX 2 SL: Rorkiy
FOX 3 SL: Rogue
FOX 4 SL: Blutze
DAGGER 1 (Bradley):

  • Commander: Cyico
  • Gunner: BonSie
  • Driver: Nova

Hastati (52 slots)

FK Forces are to capture the last two enemy held outposts to establish a foothold in preparation for the final assault on the city of Merkez.



FOX 6 Lead: Rezonath
FOX 1 SL: Doctadoone
FOX 2 SL: Rorkiy
FOX 3 SL: Rogue
FOX 4 SL: andyt90
KNIGHT 1 (M1A2 Abrams):

  • Commander:
  • Gunner: (BonSie)
  • Driver: ZentharTheMagician
  • Loader: thesecretgames

Recommended Comments

FOX 1 autorifleman assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant for both missions, please.

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