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Hammer and Anvil


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Mission 13: Hammer and Anvil

The rescued TUSK II tanks (Mission 11 - Operation Red Snow) have been smuggled south and are awaiting crew at Shakhovka. Infantry vehicles and the Bradley are at Mogilevka along with the Artillery available for the mission.

Objectives: Push northwest and take Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor then repel the the retaliatory assault from the Airfield. 


Slots are as follows. It is suggested you take the assets available (RIP Mission 12) as a lack of them will be will be felt... Possible compromise depending on player levels is only two Abrams or three but with AI loaders. Suggest tank crews add Tigernos on steam and ping me immediately if the AI loader leaves the tank.


Leader: | FAC: | RTO: | ShellDrake: (Artillery can be controlled via RTO of FAC if needed but for ease of LR Comms there is a slot for it)

Artillery (SPGs have been added for this mission however without full crews as only gunner is required)

Dragon Gunner(x2): 



Broadsword Vehicle Crew (Abrams TUSK II x3)

Commander(x3): | Gunner(x3): | Loader(x3): | Driver(x3):

Dagger Vehicle Crew (Bradley)

Commander: | Gunner: | Driver:

Medical Squad

Medical Officer: | Combat Medical Technician(x2):

Medical Squad can be deployed via Humvee (Map marker MED1) or by CASEVAC Chopper (Map marker VALK1) at platoons discretion.


Squads are in fireteam layout however seeing as you guys insist on clumping into 8 man squads I've removed the custom fireteam markers and turned them back into single squads. However the SL/Auto/Grenadier/Marksman and 2iC/Auto/Grenadier/Marksman layout has been retained. Marksmen now spawn with range cards.

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Broadsword gunner, I recommend using AI loaders since the TUSK 2 gives em fuck all to do (apart from radio man maybe). 

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6 minutes ago, BonSie said:

Broadsword gunner, I recommend using AI loaders since the TUSK 2 gives em fuck all to do (apart from radio man maybe). 

They can turn out and fire the M2 :P then get shot

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