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So @SGz_Eliminated and me are wanting to play some Civ 5. All the people are welcome to join. 

I'm also gonna tag some people from the Misc Games Thread.

@Wulfe @Sanddude @Ratchet601 @Chefla @Nugget30 @Metaork2 @Painkiller300 @Katla_Haddock @Korpp1 @Wafflefox @Trinoc @Sarissa @whifey @wafflehammer @Steadyhand08 @ThatWalder @capitolmoney170 @Doctadoone @Leftymonster @Hewmew @Pruchol5 @Argon @Rezonath @Bellsbattle @WigD


We are also not gonna go out of our way to keep all the people in the game. Connection Issues are a common problem, and it's gonna be shit to wait for people every ten minutes because the game decides to crash their Internet. 

No rehosting. No Hot-Joining since it breaks stuff. Also We would like to limit it to 6 players max. per game, since Everything else... breaks stuff ^.^

We're gonna play for as long as people feel like it.

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I start work right at the end of the event, so as long as I wake up in time and die before the time limit I'm in!

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I'll hop in for this, although I may have to leave early, because I need to pack my computer for school.

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