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Medieval 2 Total War tournament Round 2.


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Round 1 is over and the contestants armies either stand annihilated or well slightly less annihilated.

Yes todays battles are done and the victors have been named which happen to be:

Drums roll please:

First match- Portugal(pedrasa) X France (Vipercode)

The air was clear, but morale was low. The war with France had taken toll on Portugal's economy and its armies lied beaten. Spain had fallen, England was occupied with Milan and could not be of help. The French rampaged through the country side burning everything they found. The people were counting on them, their best, the last this nation had to offer and the last of their gold wasted on steeds and steel, to bring to a grinding halt the French war machine. It was now or never, but we had the upper hand of knowledge, we knew what they would bring but they did not know our men, blinded by pride and past victories. They underestimated our armor,OUR STRENGTH OF ARMS. Most of the army was dead, a devastating finale to this bloody chapter of French history, but the Portuguese wanted vengeance. The bloody chapter of the world was not yet over.

Winner:Portugal-very close match, sometimes i thought i had lost until i won XD.

Second match- England(Codomain) X Milan(Tea_and_Tea)

Dark skies tell a bloody tale,a tale of certain defeat but also a story of bravery. A hill, a optimal defensive position, a position that the English stood upon for three days until Milan's army ,reaching the full extend of their patience for the English affront to their nation, muster the local army and ride forth to take the hill and put the English invaders to shame and to the sword. The English might have the high ground but they don't have artillery. Milan's general thought to bombard them with their crossbowmen and cannons until the English surrendered or were massacred. Fool. The English were know for their excellent marksman and good armor, and after a few volleys Milan either had the option to back down and rearm cannons or bring up the crossbowmen. A full day it took the English to kill the Milanese army. Longer then they excepted. Milan against and overwhelming force and high ground, arrows flying close to their heads stood to the last man. Milan was not a country of cowards. Some bards go so far as to tell tales of the Milanese bravery. "If it was difficult to beat them while having every advantage then maybe we should send message to the king to reconsider, there are other matters that require England's attention." 

Winner:England-having watched the replay i was genuinely amazed that tea_and_Tea survived as long as he did. Even charging Codomains position with spear men trough hell and fire.

Third match:(??????)Shafty X (??????)Lexic (Technical problems).

There was a fools tale told to lift spirits during times of war, a tale that told of two (unspecified) armies that were supposed to meet and fight for glory and valor but did not seem to find one another, apparently one ended up in Hungary and another in Ireland. When the army at Hungary managed to find its way to the second location the first was nowhere to be found, tired of waiting they decided to call it quits and go home. But there is a a part of the tale the bards do not sing, the final part where these armies will return for they want BLOOD.

The contestants who lost will also fight in a 1v1 to decide the champion of the dead.

Yes the matches are over but do not fear for in the last round the two winners and the two armies lost to time will meet in a 1v1v1v1 for supremacy for victory and spoils, FOR TOTAL WAR.



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