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Liberation of Tanoa 2/X


Mission Planner

Event details

Zeus mission


Overall goal:

You, the united warclans of Tanoa and its surrounding Islands want to get rid of their current ruler, the US, who use the geografic location of the Island as a forward outpost.

The goal of the war is to liberate the Island until the invading forces decide to retreat and prevent a civilian war from emerging in the chaos of the fighting.



Operation Serpentine

After establishing a foothold on the Island the clans have found some people to familiarize with the stolen assets.

2 Bradleys, 1 Apache and 3 Blackhawks have been secured.

In addition to this heavy weaponry we have also captured countless m4 and m16 rifles which we will distribute among the men.

After our swift victory on the first assault we cannot give the enemy a chance to push back. This means our troops need to be ready within 15 minutes, otherwise we expect heavy reinforcements to arrive within this assault to reinforce the US troops.



We have received intel from capturing the airbase, that there is a Special Weapons delivery currently stored near the Blue pearl industrial port. The intel states that there are multiple heavy AT launchers and some gear for a sniper team within that delivery.

Currently we are trying to expand our assault along the eastern coast. This means, that we are moving through civilian populated town. We have to inflict minimal damage to any structures or inhabitants to avoid angering the population.

To cover our eastern push, we also need to hold the western flank. There is a singular road connecting the town of Tanouka to La Rochelle. If we can seize that road we should be able to hold that route of attack with only minor problems.

The two big military bases situated near the volcano also need to be dealt with in this push. There are no civilians here, so we can utilize every means necessary. Expect strong resistance.


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