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Winter Gauntlet


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Please be on TS at least 5-10 minutes before the start time as there are some mod-related things I need to tell everyone before they launch ARMA. If you are unable to be on in that time period (i.e. if you're only able to make it on the hour or, like Benji wrote below, might be 5 minutes late), please inform me beforehand. If there is no mention of you letting us know you might be late, do not expect the slot to be held for you for any longer than 5 minutes past the start time.

Winter Gauntlet (Thirsk Winter)

RSVP (capped at 40) is first come, first served. For slots shown in TOE below, regulars+ who have the tags are given priority. N.B. If possible, do your best to actually RSVP with plenty of time to spare. Too often people have RSVPed for my missions 5 minutes before the start and then say "Oh I've RSVPed" because in those cases I generally ignore last-minute RSVPs and give it to regulars who are present at the time.



The island nation of Thirsk has long been plagued by rebel forces, with countless raids throughout the entire island, burning farms and destroying villages. Backed by wealthy black market arms dealers, their numbers have grown rapidly in the recent months, overwhelming the paltry Thirsk National Defense Force when they were deployed to deal with the rebels. With the destruction of loyalist forces, the rebels have grown bold, setting up a supply base in the town of Sudensuoja, and stockpiling their military hardware. Reconnaissance indicates that the rebels are currently finishing off a raid of a nearby village and we suspect they may have made captives of the surviving villagers. An FK Special Forces unit is being parachuted in behind enemy lines to destroy any and all military hardware found at the supply base, and to free any villagers held captive in the nearby village.


a) Enemy Forces

  • Thirsk Rebels
  • Total strength unknown
  • Vehicles: Unknown, suspect no heavier than IFVs in play

b) Friendly Forces

  • FK Special Forces Platoon (players)

c) Remarks

  • Infantry advised to be conservative with ammo, no resupply capabilities in the field
  • Respawns are NOT in play


  1. Destroy any and all military hardware found at the Supply Base
  2. Free any hostages held at the nearby village
  3. Extract to FOB Omolon


Ground troops to infil via parachutes in designated drop-zones. Advise they approach from the directions marked by blue arrows. Coordinated infantry assaults on objectives to free hostages at the village and to set explosive charges on military hardware at the supply base. Ground units are then to exfil by any means necessary, commandeering hostile vehicles if need be.


  1. Supplies
    Explosives must be spawned in via the ammo crate spawner


FOX 6 Lead: NeilZar
FOX 1 SL: Rorkiy
FOX 2 SL: Tomo
FOX 3 SL: Chefla
FOX 4 SL: Doctadoone

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King Mikey

Posted (edited)

Fox SL 2 (Not a tag holder but if none tag holders want it i would Like it) 

Edited by King Mikey

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Chances are I'll be taking Fox 1 as there are some technical things (mission technical things, not related to the mod related thing I need to tell people before they launch ARMA) I'll need to explain for everyone right at the start of the mission. We'll see.


EDIT: Clarification of what might need to be explained.

Edited by Rorkiy

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1 hour ago, Doctadoone said:

I didn't get one? B-b-but I asked first! >.> Oh well, I want my auto rifle then.

Changed. Mind didn't register your name in the tag list for some reason.

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