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On the 2nd of October earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005 ver.) started up multiplayer servers for the first time in 3 years. This event is to set up either a Galactic conquest or instant action server to play with FK members for a couple hours. Server capacity is 64, I'll be local hosting this to the best of my ability(unless someone near to the main Arma 3 Server wants to volunteer to do this). It would be great if these servers last long enough to play with a large number of this community. Disclaimer: I don't own the poster attached to this event, it's just the one from the ad campaigns in 2005.

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Rabit Salvokelk


I do apologise for what i am a bout to say but...

Fuck yeah im in, i wouldn't miss this for anything.

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do we need to buy the game or download mods for arma??? if its the game ill av to see if i can muster together how ever much cash it is lolol

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Posted (edited)

@Mogze it's on sale at GOG.com, if you do not have this must have for any proper Star Wars fan.
I sadly cannot take part because I have to attend some sh** birthday party. fml

Edited by juseless

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Here are some Launch Options that i think are quite useful for BF2:

1. if you want to change launch options: rightclick on the game in your steam library and select properties, then select set launch options and type in some commands;

for those that want the game in English: /lang 0

no intro logos: /nointro

menu in 1920x1080: -resolution 1920 1080


These are a few I use and it is much better to start the game now.

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