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Operation Intrepid Fury


Mission Planner

Event details

Rogue Russian VDV forces control most of the Isla Abramia island chain. The Russian government has requested NATO aid in driving them out. FK forces have been deployed at an abandoned airstrip in the North-Eastern part of Isla Abramia.


  • Secure a foothold at Sakovo
  • Secure FOB Medvedovo
  • Ascertain nature of military hardware and destroy any found
  • Repel any QRFs from Yolandi


Lead:  FAC: Radio


ALPHA through ECHO, no special requirements on SLs unless requested

NOTE: All 5 squads spawn in as Rifle squads, DELTA/ECHO can use backpack heaps to swap to Weapons Squads at PLT's discretion

Helicopters: 4x UH-60M Blackhawk, 1x OH-6 Little Bird

Pilots (x4): DHbatman, Kreeper, Andre Crew Chief (x4, optional): Sarissa
N.B: Pilots will be required to insert troops while flying below ~30m ASL or risk getting shot down - Experienced pilots preferred as I most likely will NOT run a respawn if a squad gets wiped by AA if the pilot is too high
You will most likely have to wait until the next respawn wave, every 20 minutes after mission start

Jet: 1x FA-18/F Super Hornet OR 2x FA-18/E Super Hornet at PLT's discretion

Pilot: Woody (God help you all)  Weapons Systems Officer/2nd Pilot: Lenny





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