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Remember the good old days? When we weren't even FK yet? When teamkilling was not a bannable offense? When Leslie was still here? Let's go on a nostalgia trip.

This is an official FK event, so rules will still apply.

And a special rule for trial during this event, or more a removal of a rule. Friendly fire will not be banned. This doesn't mean you can kill everyone you disagree with, that is just toxic behaviour. But it can be used as a tool for commanding elements to discipline or just for jokes. I assume that if you decide to join, you know when it is fine and when it is not to FF.


You sign up for this event with RSVP, we will limit the signup to 36 people. We will be running 45 man templates including zeus slots. There are less signup slots than actual slots, this is in case there are some special people that want to join that don't check the forum daily or can't be certain if they will be playing.
If there are any open slots left when slotting, we will open the room for other people to join.

The mission will be run on the second server, the server will be restarted 15 minutes before mission start. 


We will not be using the tag system, nor will we be doing the slotting procedure. It will be first to join gets first pick. Be advised, if you take a role that you may not be too good at, it will come with a barrage of words if you fail at the role. (just like the old days)
If you want to zeus, you can send me a message on TS or Discord. You have to be RSVP'ed or be on the special guest list.

Once everyone is slotted, it will be the same as it is now. Just having as much fun as possible.


The missions will be a bit more memey and more lax than what you may be used to, but we still try to keep it in the FK spirit. We will have 4 squads maximum, instead of the current 6. We will run as many as people are willing to play.

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