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Small Ops Night 2: Electric Boogaloo


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This event is strictly Regulars+. If you are not a regular, please do not RSVP as you will not be considered for a slot in the mission. Slots that require tags may be reserved by tag holders first.

Doing what Weegie did last month. This will be somewhat more serious missions. I will Zeus the first. Comment here if you want to Zeus. Missions will be taking place on the second Server. Slots for the first mission will be reserved.


Operation: Sneaky Joe



Situation: 0100 June 21st 2010. The enemy Militia is holding this town, they have set up an HQ in a building close to the Airfield. The Airfield is not in use. Enemy Patrols and Technicals as well as Trucks have been spotted in the AO. Civilian Presence has been confirmed.


You will be inserted through a tunnel into the enemy held town of Zargabad. Your Objective is to destroy all electric Devices in the Target Building and extract. This will severely cripple the enemy's command Structure in this Area. There will be enemy patrols and guards around the town. The Gas Station to the North of the target building may be used for a distraction by blowing it up. Subsonic Rounds, Silencers and NVD's are required.


  • 1x undisclosed US Special Operations Squad 
  • 1x Scout Sniper Team from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit


Slotting: All the positions will be claimed by commenting on this post. 

SL: Chefla 
2IC: Xavier
Medic: GDitz
Medic: Psycho
6x Rifleman: Lyecer, Weegie, Dog, Rez, Benji, Gomez

Spotter: Trinoc
Sniper: Andy 


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