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Medical Training


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Do not reserve a slot and forget to show up. If you do this I will not allow you to attend any of my future training sessions. I dedicate my time to doing these sessions so only signup if you know you can actually make it.

This event is open to everyone. First come, first served. If the slots are full you can leave a comment and I'll poke you on TS if there are any no-shows.


What you will learn:

  • Activating and using the Ace Medical Menu
  • What being a Medic means
  • How bandages work with basic and advanced wounds
  • Medical Gear
  • Triage procedures
  • Treatment order
  • Loadouts


If we have spare time we will talk about:

  • Combat Search And Rescue
  • Instant death
  • Quirks and myths about ACE Medical
  • Getting Medical tags
  • Anything else that comes up


We will be in the Medic Training room on Teamspeak for this event.

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9 hours ago, Vietnah said:


This calendar event is about medical training. If you wish to ask questions about the current medical evaluations and how they are handled you can PM any of the medical trainers for further details.

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Just after this we did a mission where we just rushed in, everybody getting shot and dying, and I was medic :D it was interesting, and boy the pressure

(it was on advanced)

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