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operatie: Hollandsch' glorie,  editie 's Gravenhage.


with the increasing amount of dutch members still flooding into the server, I thought it a good idea to have a low-key last minute meetup, here at the source of our nation's nonsense.

as such, at least three people plan to meet up for pool in The Hague on friday the 22nd of december, and I'm inviting anyone who happens to be in the neighbourhood or is insane enough to make the trip to come over and join us here under the sea.


anyhow; here's the plan:

     1. rendezvous at the Hague central station, between 1400 and 1500. (meaning we'll leave the station at 1500, but if you're late you can call me to organize an intercept)

     2. recon op in the hague, including

  • Airsoft shop "dutch stockhouse"
  • Boardgamestore "Tabletop kingdom"
  • two army surplus/military gear stores.
  • 2 gamestores. 

     3. pool/billiards at Hague 5 pool club.

     4. food.

     5. if there's still time, we'll find us a pub and improvise the rest of the night.   

   (plan could be subject to change due to circumstances or the whim of the group and/or meetup organisation.)


all are welcome!


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Posted (edited)

Just the day after my uni gala, if I am not still pissed out of my skull from the day before... maybe...

Might be able to drive, from area rotterdam and pick people up, (rules, you puke in the car, you pay for the cleanup)


May like to be driven and get smashed again...

How you know its me? Ill be in a suit...


Do we have parking spaces?


Edited by Don_prince

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1 minute ago, Chuck Yeager said:

Enjoy lads, show them UK people how mainland Europeans do meetups

Hey its a 1 hour train ride

get here you puppet, make sure of it...

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I think I can't really make it. I have my last day of a test week. the last test ends around 11:25 and I've got a 3 hour train ride in the best case. So either I'll be about 30 minutes late, or won't be able to show up at all.

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@Don_prince I recommend parking underneath city hall; it's at walking distance from central station and slightly cheaper than the Q-parks. (plus we pass it on our way to our first destination.

@UniDigit I usually handle a drop-in-whenever mentality with these things, meaning we can coordinate whenever you get to the hague, we'll arrange a rendez-vous and you can join us for the rest of the day's shenanigry.

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welp i will be there next time i would not make it.
plans with the girlfriend and she cost me tons of money (ffs.... girls)

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Jamie Oliver

Posted (edited)

Question. Will anyone here stop by Amsterdam Central?

I'm a fucking retard when it comes to public transport, never confident at it. Especially with inter-cities/trains, never had the pleasure of using those.
Would be a huge comfort if I knew someone stopped at Central.

Kind-of a deal breaker if I could meet up with someone around there. Not that courageous to do that shit by myself and fucking up.

Edited by Jamie Oliver

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