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Ok, so I want to give everyone a chance to settle down into the new year and also do this on a weekend before main missions, which this is the next decent opportunity...


Just turn up to the meeting if you can, or if wait for the details following the meeting to be posted.

As most of you know, the only other meet ups mentioned that are going to be planned are in April, now whilst this is an air soft one that will interest people into that, there are still going to be a lot, especially from outside the UK, that cannot make it due to them being in education, amongst other reasons.

Therefore, I thought it would be nice to give all those an opportunity during the summer holidays to have a meet up however big as the interest in it is.

The aim for this meet up is to be on the weekend of Friday 13th July - Sunday 15th July.

Depending on travel, this can be extended to the Monday, with everyone having the options of coming anywhere in between the Friday and Monday.

I believe some initial research found it was cheaper to travel on the Thursday/Friday and Monday, so anyone wanting to come can just do a bit of research and we will sort something around everyone's needs.

The location is not set in stone yet, but there is a high possibility it will be held in Bristol due to centralisation, ease of travel there, we just need to decide and then search for accommodation and activities.

There will not be any specific event like air soft planned, but I am going to be trying to make sure the accommodation is close to a pub at least, and a few options for groups of people to split off and do what ever they want throughout the weekend.

Type of accommodation will be discussed during this meeting, airbnb is a possibility, hostels can be good and cheap for large groups, I much prefer the idea of us all sharing one location together than being spread out and causing a lot of hassle to arrange to meet up and organise doing anything. Plus if there are dropouts, if we have only booked one large place for all of us, the cost is spread out so doesn't highly affect anyone to spread the cost of that dropout.

For anyone travelling from outside of the UK, try not to worry too much about travelling right away, there's plenty of people here that do a lot of travelling and can help talk you through it and when you get to the UK I'm sure there will be a number of us driving there, so we can ferry people from airports, train stations, bus stations, etc.

Even if you are only 20% possibly coming, please don't hesitate to put a maybe on the RSVP, so people can judge how many from the same country/area are going, which will make things easier to organise carpools!

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