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Now firstly, I'm going to start this off by saying I am not sure I will be on for NYE, I may have plans just not sure if they are happening.

However, I thought I would create this event with an RSVP, so if people know that they are staying in and don't have much to do, they can RSVP and over the next 3 days people can check the RSVP list and see if there are many others that will probably be around and online...

So whether or not I do stay in and jump on ts NYE for the duration through into the new year, I'm hoping that rather than some of you FK members just having a quiet, boring and lonely turn of the year might just be able to have some fun, have a good laugh and some good virtual company for it to start 2018 off positively!

Nothing specified for this event, you can each have drinks at your computer, alcoholic or non alcoholic, you can play Arma and maybe a few people can do some more fun based missions, I'm sure if everyone agrees to it, if you state that certain things will be allowed, etc. then rules can be waivered here or there, as long as it does not provide risk for toxic behaviour, i.e. no allowing team killing!

Or you can all talk about other games you all like, take a break from Arma and enjoy a different game together, who knows you may spend the end of 2017 and start of 2018 making some new friends in FK that you have never really spoken to before...

Just one thing I ask - don't let things get to the point where someone needs to be reported and don't be that person that pushes people to report them. Even if you already don't get on with someone, try to loosen up even if just for this one night and just get on with that person, enjoy and use this community to its fullest potential.

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