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The First Great FK-Festival


Mission Planner

Event details

It is time to bring back the old glorious fuckfests from FK. In memory of older times, I decided to do a 2 hour "Mini-Game" mission every month on a saturday.

It will include classics like "A-10 Free for all" or the glorious "Chase the quadbikes with little birds" -  I hope for high attendance.

The Rule is: Have fun! - Kill your teammates, try to steal the glory, murder the living shit out of everything, Swear like a sailor and much more! - Fun is mandatory - People who won't have fun will be killed until they have fun!


I will try to rotate through different games each month (3-4 each time) to make it even more fun. - Let's start the mayhem and experience how it was on the FK-Server in the beginning!

Planned missions:

1. A-10 Combat Fight (Free for all)
     Declare supremacy over the sky! - Take out all the A-10 except yours

2. Hawk-Eye Challenge
    Sniper squads will be pitted against each other - Take out the enemy squad - at 1 click out!

3. Catch the Rat
   Quad bikes will be racing towards different destinations. Will you be able to catch them with a swarm of Little Birds?

4. Let it rain! - PvP
  Bluefor vs OpFor... - The Twist? You are only allowed to take 'nades!

(Optional if we are fast)

[5. Heli Race
   Race the server to different destinations and be the first!

 6. Cross Country Quad Ride!
  Finish first - Take whatever route you like, shoot whomever you see! - No rules in play!


Disclaimer: Fun is not guaranteed, Survival neither.

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It would be nice if you could RSVP for it <3 It kinda helps to know how many people we are going to get for this

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Posted (edited)

8 hours ago, Woody said:


Retroactively, I realized my throttle was set up wrong. Putting my throttle above 50% meant the in-game throttle kept increasing, while putting it below 50% meant the in-game one kept reducing. So I was effectively flying using a binary throttle of "FULL POWER" and "NO POWER". Maybe that helped.

That is also why it took me ages to taxi to the runway when I got clearance. I was like "inch forwards a tiny bit", throttle went "OKAY FULL POWER IT IS".

I really jinxed myself for this one by now haven't I?

Really freakin hope I can make it. Also, @Woody do you have a computer to be playing Arma 3 on now?


Edit: Hang on, A-10 fight?! They're practically bricks with some wings and a gatling gun. Dis gon be gud.

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Really enjoyed this guys! Sorry I just vanished half way through but I think the hamster inside my pc died and it blue screened. 

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