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Missy's 30th birthday shenanigans


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So on the 3rd of February I turn the grand old age of...........................


And yes I am perfectly aware that I sound like a fucking 12 year old.

Due to birthday plans and my best friend @LizzyTrickstercoming up to Scotland for my birthday I won't actually be on ts on that day. 

Now there is times where you guys really piss me off but I also love you guys to bits because in truth if I didn't have this community I would still be still be the girl who had severe depression, anxiety and wouldn't say boo to a goose. For this reason I did want to celebrate some of my birthday with you guys so I thought why not organise something so what I have decided to do is a game, movie, drinking night type thing. I haven't exactly decided on what games we would be playing yet but I did wonder if we could do an arma 3 death race if i could find someone kind enough to zeus.


Now to the most important and necessary bit so I don't get my butt kicked by the CM's.

If you have read above this night will involve alcohol because it would be so wrong of a Scottish person not to drink on their birthday but the only people I want drinking is those who are over the legal age in their country. If you are under the legal age you are more then welcome to join because I want this to be open to everyone but please DO NOT drink alcohol. Now one more final thing If you reach a level of drunk where you are a major detriment to the event I will be asking a CM or mod to remove you, if you feel you are reaching that point then stop drinking.

 Everyone is welcome to and you don't have to drink if you don't want to, if people are putting pressure on you to drink then please tell me. 

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On 18.1.2018 at 00:19, Servok said:

Hmmmm 5am start to a drinking session could be interesting.

What do you mean start? That is usually the time to stop, but why not just continue with a new crowd! You are possibly the worst at being Australian...

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Missy, if you need someone to Zeus for ya just hit me up on TS if I’m on that night, I may be able to get a death race and other interesting challenges set up for you lot! 

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The arma death race is also part of my birthday shenanigans.

So RSVP on that event if you want to join. I have set the limited to 40 but if there's high demand I will try and figure things out so everyone that wants to take part they can

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The deathrace is the main feature game for tonight but other games that we can play afterwards are

  • Golf With Your Friends
  • BlackWake
  • Guns of Incarus
  • Human Fall Flat
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Warface (free game)
  • Planetside 2 (free game)
  • Crossout (free game)
  • Real Pool 3D (free game)
  • Deceit (free game)

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