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The Great FK Festival Vol.2


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Event details

(Event was set to 21.2... don't know what happened but that was obviously wrong lol)

Imho the first of this kind was an amazing success and people had a lot of fun doing this. Soo it is time for Volume 2! Again with 4-6 Minigame-Missions which hopefully will end in total annihilation and utter chaos.

As always once the game is started the only rule is to survive and have fun! - Same TS and Server as always.


1. Cross Country Squad Race
    - You will have to pair up, mount a jeep and try to get to the finish line first... How you do that? - Maybe going fast with shortcuts?...boring! - How about killing the competition? -
      The "Gunner" is allowed to bring different (reasonable) weapons of their choice to make the race easier to win :D

2. King of the Pirates
   - Who hasn't dreamt of taking control over the mighty sea! Arrr take ye rum and plunder! It's time to board a ship and... well do what pirates did best! Sink enemy ships! -
     This will be done in 3-4 man teams!

3. The "Not-so-friendly" fire!
   - It's so nasty to kill your own friends... but how about killing them by triggering suicide bombers? - Kill as many friendlies as possible without friendly fire!

4. The bird in the sky (Little Bird FFA)
  - As straightforward as it sounds... clear your air space :D


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Those sound like awesome minigame ideas. Really hope I can make it.

Also, hope this one will be able to be set up quicker, because last time it mostly got bogged down with the A-10 FFA set up (was still fun throughout though!).

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