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Invasion of Sahrani: Part 3


Mission Planner
Barcuck Osama

Event details

This will be the third mission in a three-part campaign.

Slot reservation limited to regulars+, tag holders get priority.

Gear will be restricted to specific weapons and uniforms.

The Invasion of Sahrani, Part 3: Conquer

In the first mission - Reinforced Assault - the Russian military assisted Chernarussian forces in capturing the island of United Sahrani, under the condition that Russia installs its own president once the island is taken.
In the second mission - Breached Contract - the Chernarussian forces turned on the Russians in an attempt to take the island for their own. The existing Russian forces on the island took back as much of it as they could while emergency reinforcements made their way to Sahrani.

Reinforcements from Nogova have finally arrived, paradropping additional troops and vehicles to the MSV and landing their air assets on the makeshift airstrip at Pita. These consist of an Mi-28 gunship, a Su-25 bomber and two Su-57 escorts. There was supposed to be an Mi-8, but it's been delayed due to mechanical issues with no accurate ETA.
In the meantime, the Russian MSV had taken the town of Ortego in their search for the Chernarussian-installed president. He was not found - though his pilots were killed, stunting his escape.

It is now time to fully take back the rest of the island.


Current essential targets include a supply port bringing in valuable equipment to the CGF; a vehicle depot responsible for the deployment of armored vehicles; and the main airfield of United Sahrani, crawling with radar-guided anti-air emplacements and acting as a hub for Chernarussian reinforcements.
After investigation of the president's helicopter and pilots, Russian intelligence officials suspect that the president is in a hamlet in the hills to the West of the MSV's current position.
Corazol is heavy with enemy forces as a result of Russian actions during the second campaign mission.

The southern towns will be heavy with civilians. There are additional targets in the mainland that will help in crippling the Chernarussian military power:


The CGF have managed to take over FOB Nosorog during the last mission. Deny them this area.
The sentry is a small stronghold that is a known hold point for Chernarussian troops.
There is an industrial site to the south of this stronghold, responsible for supplying oil for Cherno vehicles.
Artillery pieces have been seen during transport in both northern mountain ranges. These are not an objective, but may pose a threat to friendly units.

Mountain ranges to the north and south of the airfield will protect low-flying air assets from the AA.

Enemy forces:

You will be up against the Chernarussian Ground Forces. Expect BMPs, T-72s and attack helicopters. Truck-mounted ZU-23-2s outside of the airfield are a possibility. The Chernarussians may also have acquired various jets from the Sahrani forces when they took the airfield during the invasion.
There may be small numbers of Sahrani troops as a result of Chernarussian actions in the first campaign mission.


Organizational structure and assets:

You will be playing as the Russian MSV; supported by KNGT, RPTR and PRHT assets.

Infantry vehicles: 2 x BTR-80, 4 x BRDM-2UM (armed), 1 x GAZ-233011, 1 x UAZ-3151
RPTR: 1 x Mi-28N, 1 x Su-25, 2 x T-50 obr. 2013 (55)
KNGT: 2 x T-90 (obr. 1992g.)


Infantry equipment

"Optional" indicates that you can decide not to take a piece of equipment (e.g. not taking a backpack).
"Suggested" indicates that you can decide to take a different piece of equipment (e.g. taking a backpack that is not the one suggested).

"Role-specific" indicates that certain variants of a piece of equipment can only be taken by the role for which they were designed (e.g. only a medic is allowed to take a medic backpack).


Primary weapon: Any AK variant / Autoriflemen: PKM, PKP, M84 / Designated marksmen: any SVDM or SVDS variant.
Secondary weapon: PM / MP-443 / 6P9
Uniform: EMR-Desert
Vest: 6B23 EMR-Summer (Any variant, role-specific)

Helmet: 6B27M EMR-Summer (Any variant, no balaclava)
Backpack (optional): Sidor / Field Pack (Olive) / RPG Carrier / Medic bag / AR team: Carryall Backpack (Olive) / MR3000 (BWMOD) (Either variant) / MR6000L
Launcher: Any RPG variant / RShG-2 / 9K38 Igla


Primary weapon: AKS-74U
Uniform: DF-15-2 / any vanilla pilot coveralls.
Vest: Suggested: 6Sh92 EMR-Summer
Helmet: ZSh-7A (white, oxygen mask only for jet pilots)
The rest is the same as platoon.


Vest: Suggested: 6Sh92 EMR-Summer
Helmet: TSh-4
The rest is the same as platoon.


Primary weapon: Spotter: any AK variant (no UGL) / Sniper: Preferably something OPFOR. Keep in mind that the SVDs have poor ranges and the T-5000 doesn't work with the ATragMX.
The rest is same as platoon. You can take ghillies given that both members take the same type.


Slot reservation is now closed.

Infantry units who played in reservable roles during the second campaign mission will have priority for those roles (this does not apply to Echo and Foxtrot).
Assets will have no special priority.
Players who reserved slots in the second mission and failed to show up will have lowered priority.


Platoon leader: @Maverick (no tag)
Platoon medic: @FloofyFloof
FAC: @Silberjojo
RTO: @Jacob_Waltz (no tag)

SL:  @EHOPPPS (no tag)

SL: @hunter7658 (no tag)

SL: @Muhcreedy (no tag)

SL: @Fletch (evaluation)
Attachee: @Chefla (slot in Drone Operator)

SL: @Alex (no tag)
Medic: @ThePointForward


PRHT (Prorok)
Spotter: @TopKek (sniper tag)
Sniper: @Nova

(Skapa 1-1)
Pilot: @C-O-B-R-A
Gunner:  @BonSie

Su-25 (Yastreb 2-1)
Pilot: @Shroomzeh
T-50 (Sokol 3-1)
Pilot: @cineafx
T-50 (Sokol 3-2)
Pilot: @info (no tag)

(Medvedz 1-1)
Commander: @Zenthar
Gunner: @Winters
Driver: @Mrkosak (no tag)
T-90 (Medvedz 1-2)
Commander: @OneMadPanda
Gunner: @Wafflefox
Driver: @DmDWorm (no tag)

Additional notes:
Platoon leaders will have a limited amount of time to brief.
The Mi-28 has three passenger seats

The BRDMs have no main cannons, but mounted PKTs.
Other important mission details will be revealed in briefing. Additionally; PLT, FAC and RTO can message me beforehand for specific mission details if they so desire.
FAC can take an assistant, but will not get to choose who gets the slot.
PRHT can start at Pita if they wish to do so.
View distances will be at most 2500 for KNGT, 4000 for PRHT and 7500 for RPTR.

The mission will begin at 0400. You will be able to see fine without NVDs.
The callsigns refer to the map markers the assets will get; whether or not you use them for radio transmissions is up to you.
Be thankful I didn't put everything in Russian text mate

Recommended Comments

If any of the other fixed wing holders want the jet I'll take the Gunship gunner

Edit: make it my primary

Edited by BonSie

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Conga Line of Neckbeards

Posted (edited)

For continuity I'd like the same medic slot I had the last time, but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was...

Edited by Conga Line of Neckbeards

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Barcuck Osama

Posted (edited)

On 2/22/2018 at 02:58, Conga Line of Neckbeards said:

For continuity I'd like the same medic slot I had the last time, but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was...

We'll pretend it's Bravo for now, I'll move you around if it turns out somebody else played there.

See if you can remember who your squad leader was.

Edited by Barcuck Osama
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