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Belkan war - OPERATION: Constantine


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Belkan war

(This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.)

Co-zeus - @gadsada


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1980s–1995 -  The Belkan Army, influenced by the ongoing Cold War, launched a series of black projects concerning advanced battlefield technology and weapons of mass destruction to deter or act during a foreign invasion. Contrary to the intentions of the Belkan military, the black projects had the unforeseen consequence of unleashing an economic recession that rapidly engulfed the Federation. The crisis grew to such a point that the National Assembly sought to contain it by amending the national federal law, thus allowing portions of the country to break off as independent countries.

The worsening economic situation led to nationwide riots protesting the lack of solutions to the recession. Crowds of over 40,000 people, marched against the National Assembly demanding the immediate removal of the ruling cabinet amidst increased sentiments of hatred against the seceded nations and a perceived weakness from them. The Workers Party won a large majority of the seats, eventually leading to their ascension to power in 1992 with Waldemarr Rald assuming control of the country. For the next years, the new Belka assumed a far-rightist stance against its former allies, bolstering its military and economy while searching for ways to terminate the economic crisis.

In March of 1995, Belka discovered a major source of natural resources and minerals in the southern border, a region denominated "Area B7R". Believing that it was the solution to Belka's troubles, Rald declared war on its former territories, launching a massive assault directed by the Belkan military. In response, Osea created the Allied Forces, a federation of the nations that seceded from Belka.

Current day - April 1st - Today is the start of the counterattack. The  66th Air Force Unit 'Glam' of the 6th Air Division will be covering the skies while E Company, 2nd Battalion of the 108th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Infantry Division assaults the island. 




Objectives: The Secure the ports and airfield for supplies to the mainland. Investigate military sites for possible intel or leads on the black project that has be discovered in the local area. UPDATE: Intel recovered and being decoded. Stay vigilante for any possible Intel still out there.

  • Primary objectives 
    • Secure the Airfield
    • Secure the Port 

Intel: KNOWN enemy assests

  • BTR-60
  • BTR-70
  • BRDM-2
  • T-72
  • T-80
  • MI-24
  • L-159 ACLA
  • SU-24

Friendly Assets:

  • MIGS-29 x4
  • A-10's *UPDATE*
  • R&R TEAM
    • Repair and reclaim team has been sent in with you. Their job is in their name. 
  • INFINTRY - M113A3(M2/EARLY) 1x per squad

Restrictions for the mission

  • Re-spawns will be done up to 2 times at the command of PLT 
  • Only 2IC's will be allowed LR's. 2IC's are the radio operators for each squad.
  • No GPS or Blufor Track
  • SL are only allowed Underslungs
  • All smokes are limited to 2 per person and under-slung smokes to 4
  • All grenades are limited to 2 per person and under-slung grenades to 4
  • All flares are limited to 2 per person and under-slung flares to 4
  • SL, 2IC and AR can only take 4x sights. All others must take 1x, if any at all.
  • 2 squads are allowed to take Soflams for the purpose of lasing targets
  • There will be CSAR but they will have a M113A3 due to AA in the AO


  • UNI: BDU Danish M/84
  • VEST: Combat Vest Danish M/84
  • PACK: TRYK Carryall Backpack (JSDF)
  • HELM: PASGT Danish M/84
  • WEAPON: M16A4 
    • AR - M249 PIP (LONG/RIS)
  • LAUNCHERS: M72A7/Igla
    • PLT will tell you which squads at AA or LAT
  • Binoculars: Binoculars - Base game





PLT MEDIC: @Linnet

PLT FAC: @Silberjojo

PlT FAC ASSISTANT: @alt_sanity



SL: @Mingy NT





SL: @Loradas


Medic: @MarloK



SL: @sidzy

2IC: @Pastor Of Muppets

Medic: @Conga Line of Neckbeards



SL: @OneMadPanda


Medic: @SMPureParadise









2IC: @Guardian_Zenon NT




Driver/Escort: @Massive Cuntasaurus

Medic: @BDFoster




Fighter Pilot: @Shoxe NT

Fighter Pilot: @Chuck Yeager

Fighter Pilot: @Wattsits

Fighter Pilot: @Shroomzeh


Fighter Pilot FL:@Barcuck Osama

Fighter Pilot :@BonSie


Reclaim and Repair

KNIGHT: @Muhcreedy

KNIGHT: @colt92

KNIGHT: @Zeusz77

UPDATE: PENDING... ***After talking to a few zeus tag holders i have INCREASED the number of air assests 6 total and make R&R only 3 people total. Also squads are encouraged to bring more AA MAT. There is now a heavy air presence in the next mission.***

Recommended Comments

For continuity sake, Alpha SL please, no tags. If my slot is taken, move me to any 2iC slot, no tags for that either

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1 hour ago, BonSie said:

Fighter pilot

Since when do we have the SU-24 :)

Enemy SU-24's were spotted and destroyed by your unit, but you have lost 2 planes in the process. We believe that the Belkan military is going to be sending in more air unit's of this caliber due to the projected force strength of the enemy ground units.

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2 minutes ago, gadsada said:

Huh, didn't know we had an INFINTRY role

it's what the stupid people do when they aren't good enough to join the Airforce.

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Posted (edited)

1 times R&R pls (FNG)

If i get knocked out gimme foxtrot lead, if possible

Edited by Zeusz77

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2 hours ago, Maverick said:

Fighter Pilot: @Barcuck Osama

Fighter Pilot: @Chuck Yeager

Fighter Pilot: @BonSie

Fighter Pilot: @info 

A-10's have been added to the mission. plz let me know if you want to pilot them over the MIG-29's.

Gimme A-10 dad. Would like to remain Flight Lead though.

Edited by Guest

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