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MAT Training


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MAT/HAT/AA Training and practice
Also known as "flying boom-boom practice".

Please do not RSVP and then forget to turn up. If you do find out you cannot attend un-RSVP. If you won't un-RSVP at least 1 hour before training start and will not have good emergency reason, you'll be on a low priority list for the future.

This training is meant for anybody who wants to get better at AT roles and I'd love to see Regulars attending too.

Weapons Covered

  • RPG-7V2
  • M3 MAAWS (Carl G)
  • SMAW
  • BAF Javelin system
  • Stinger
  • Igla

In other words most commonly used launchers.
Expect everything from shooting M3 over long distance to practising with RPG-7's tandem projectile at 250 meters.

Topics and procedures

We'll go over a short intro of these launchers and proceed straight to a firing range where you'll be able to engage various armoured and unarmoured targets at various distances with various types of missiles.

I'll be explaining practical differences between rounds used, some recommendations on loadouts and I'll also do some manual jet/helicopter flybys with flares to make you feel worthless as AA.

We'll be employing AT Team structure for the first launcher (RPG-7V2) - you'll split into couples where one person is rifle/launcher operator and the other is his assistant. You'll switch the roles after a bit.
Shooter's job is to aim, adjust zeroing and fire.
Assistant's job is to accurately range the target, ensure backblast area is clear and reload the launcher/rifle.

For the rest of launchers in order to go faster you'll have each separate launcher.

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I have no idea if I will be fit by then, but my handling of launchers is atrocious so I'll try to attend. If I don't turn up please assume I'm just taking another fever fuelled nap

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1 hour ago, SilentGunner13 said:

Will we be training in how to misidentify Russian Armoured vehicles as well? 

I moved that to basics training, but I might put down some M1A1 "BTR"s for tandem training xD

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11 hours ago, Kin9tiC said:

I'll be available to slide in like its your girl's  DMs should people no-show

I have no idea what you just said, but sure, last time 4 people out of 8 did not show up.

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I can't make it now. My Arma install got corrupted, it's probably gonna take me the best part of half a day to get everything installed again.

  • Sad 1

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