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Provider Part 1 (Smol Ops)


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Zeused-Gear Restricts-Smol Ops

Fluff follows, if ya just want slots and gear scroll down.

Following a failed operation to track down and capture the black market arms dealer known as 'The Provider' a new international Joint Task Force has been formed in the wake of the information that 'The Provider' may be a mole in the US military. The level of discretion required conduct these missions and operate safely will mean that you, as the operatives of this Task Force, are undesirables. If you're identity is made you will be disavowed, if you are captured you will be disavowed, if you fall in combat you will be disavowed.





This task will involve one squad of the Task Force's operatives infiltrating a military compound controlled by a Private Military Company. The task here is to steal pass-codes and other information from their data-banks. What is imperative here is discretion and not necessarily mission completion, if we fail to gain these codes we can hit them a different way but if we are made and they are onto what we are trying to achieve then it will become significantly more difficult.

The operatives will be inserted via air, a little bird will be available for transport and scouting from high altitude. They do not have active radar and have their own birds operating in the AO, scouting and conducting quick transport missions. Stay high during scouting and you'll be able to avoid losing your cover.

To the northeast towards the large radio tower they have setup a small helipad and imaging shows that a gunship is on standby as well as two pilots. Disable the pilots and plant explosives on the helicopter, this will need to be detonated at the same time as the communication array to the west and the vehicle depot to the north.



The comms array to the west is their only form of communication with the main force operating towards the center of the country, we knock this out and with the purposeful destruction of their vehicles both ground and air will allow us to make it look like a hit from local guerrilla forces.



The HQ compound in the center is where the data will be situated, you will need to hack into their server and download the necessary information, this will take approximately one mike. It is advisable that you avoid knocking out the marksman in the spotting tower, as he will be who the sentries check with on walking past. The hostiles near the target buildings can be disposed of.




Slots (Tags  for the taggables)

SL: @Tomo

2ic: @TheTrainDoctor

Medic: @thePier

Marksman (AR): @Shroomzeh

Demo-Man (AAR): @Spooks

Demo-Man (LAT): @Legendo

Rifleman (LAT): @Nova


Phantom Pilot: @Trinoc

Phantom Co-Pilot: @SilentGunner13



Uni: G3 Multicam/Black

Vest: Carrier Lite (Black)

Backpacks: RT-1523G BWMOD Long Range (SL+2ic), Any black leg bags (Medic/Demo-Man)


Rifle: Mk18 Mod0, Aimpoint L1 LT660, Black Suppressor, IR Laser.

Marksman: Remington ACR-E 6.8mm (Long/Black), TWS, IR Laser, Black Suppressor.

Sidearm: SiG P226R, Black Suppressor.

Recommended Comments

28 minutes ago, thePier said:

Medic please!

Believe the start time is right after first main ends or exactly 21:30 GMT?

Yus trying to make sure people who wanna play main on the day will have some time before this shit

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The TWS is blacklisted on the server. Be prepared to spawn normal arsenals and keep peoples' grubby paws off them.

The leg straps are Laws of War DLC content. Be prepared to allow alternatives, maybe the TRYK rangemaster belts.


That being said, have fun storming the castle.

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