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TANK OPS! Operation FirstLight


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Operation FirstLight

Will be run on 2nd Server

Ok Boys we gonna go shoot some shit in tanks, You are Crusader 1 and are tasked with helping spearhead our assault on Altis. You are a Tank Platoon (4 tanks instead of 3 cause why not). You will be tasked with supporting our western attack force, A step by step briefing will be given out with depth during the briefing will all of the commanders however a quick overview is below:


We will be pushing West taking out key choke points for our infantry and mech inf, Taking out checkpoints, hidden armour, AA, statics and anything else they choose to throw at us. If we are successful we will be able to cut CSATs control of this island in half leaving just the AAF forces East and the remaining forces of CSAT North West and South West. After Briefing at FOB London, (Driver and Gunners can Refuel and Rearm Tanks to give you something to do) you will roll out and push into CSATs frontline. After you have taken each objective Crusaider Lead will need to radio back to Command so we can send troops to hold the position and the attacking force can move up. Once the first three objectives are clear we will prepare for our assault upon Kavala further information will follow during the briefing. 


Gear Restrictions:

Toolkits are encouraged 

Advise that the Commander assigns himself Medic and takes appropriate supplies.

Any commander can take a UAV terminal

Nobody is allowed to connect to the drone without Section Leads permission or they will lose their terminal.

Limited to 3 Mags + 2 Side (Including one in weapon), 1 Smoke or coloured smoke, 1 Frag

Driver can take a Stringer



Helmet: Crew Helmet (AAF)




1 x A2 Darter

4 x Merkava MkIV LIC


Additional Info

You will be TPed instantly to FOB London

Section Lead will report to the HQ for his briefing

Commanders will then be called to the HQ for an overview of the battle plan with other squad leads in the AO (AI squad leads but still its the thought that counts)

Gunners and Drivers will use the triple R vics to sort their tanks out.

Do not turn on the engine during the briefing only triple R vic engines can be heard.

Respawns will be run after a completion of each objective, will come into the AO along with the securing force.

AI Squads will be playing a role in this as Blufor Infantry, Mech Inf, Helis and Jets dependant upon what NATO Commands deems needed/can be utilised to increase odds of missions success, however, there are multiple assaults across the island so support will vary depending upon other battles. 

Tripple R vics will move up with the supporting force.



I will be playing favourites.

Tags will be considered but not given priority, however, it's your responsibility to tell me if you have tags.

FNGs can request slotting.

Crusader 1-1 (Crusader Lead)

Commander            @TopKek

Gunner                   @BDFoster

Driver                    @Malbryn


Crusader 1-2

Commander             @Potato2

Gunner                   @Mingy

Driver                    @Skate


Crusader 1-3

Commander             @Barcuck Osama

Gunner                   @info

Driver                    @Major_Third


Crusader 1-4

Commander            @Conga Line of Neckbeards

Gunner                   @Muhcreedy

Driver                    @Thrown Raze

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Posted (edited)

Crusader 1-2 gunner please my good sir (Driver tags)

Edited by Muhcreedy

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Posted (edited)

Crusader 1-2 Commander if possible please. No tags but i was commander in two missions, if that counts for something.

Edited by Potato2

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Posted (edited)

2 hours ago, Muhcreedy said:

@EHOPPPS mind moving me up to 1-1 for aesthetic purposes

Running away while you can

Edited by Potato2

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Posted (edited)

Gotta drop out my dude, off to do some of that gay shit

Edited by Muhcreedy

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10 hours ago, Muhcreedy said:

Gotta drop out my dude, off to do some of that gay shit with @Thrown Raze

NP You will be missed imagine having a tank op without the big gunner himself. Have fun. xD 

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8 hours ago, Elias said:

Gib drone please?

Imagine reading the event and understanding that the drone is given to 1-1 commander

  • Haha 1

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Conga Line of Neckbeards

Posted (edited)

Fuck it, give me 1-4 Commander. Let's try this leading stuff in a tank platoon. (Gunner tag)

Edited by Conga Line of Neckbeards

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