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Gunship 102


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This training is for people who are capable of basic operations in a gunship (No need to have crew chief tags ... That ain't the point of this training) but you have to know how to use most weapon systems, some basic tactics and basic coms.

After completing this training you should be ready for a crewchief / pilot eval! (The gunship part not the flying one.)


Things we will teach will include:

  • Effective weapon usage (what, when, why, how and from where)
  • Advance usage of basic tactics (How to have fun while still being effective)
  • Combined arms and large scale operations (How to be more effective in combination with other assets like JTAC, tonks, drones or fixed wing)
  • Tips and tricks that come from experience.
  • ...


Because we would like this to be a bit more organized than the last Rotary Wing 101 training we had (which was a total mess and took ages for everything) we are going to slot designated crew. 

Everybody can request a slot but Regs+ get priority and can even kick FNGs out. If all slots are full we happily put you on a waiting list ... The average quote of people showing up who have RSVPed is hovering around 60% for most of our rotary trainings ... So you got a pretty good chance of getting in. We might even add one or two more birds if we feel that we can manage it.

You can either request a specific slot or let us decide what you are going to do. 

If both the pilot and the gunner are fine with it you can obviously switch slots mid training.


"Waiting list": @SilentGunner13


If rotary or FAC tag holder would like to join to help or throw in some experience / neat stories, feel free but let us know ... The flight training templates have limited slots. (Don't request an actual slot just say you would like to join to help / listen in etc...)

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I'd like to request one times any slot and role. Maybe start as gunner and move over to pilot if possible? 

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Posted (edited)

eh putting myself in for any Slot pref a gunner(kinda not a good pilot :) )

Edited by Elias

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3 hours ago, Elias said:

someone can have my space if i dont show up in time. i might have to drop out of this one

Let us know at least 1 hour before training starts please.

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9 hours ago, cineafx said:

Let us know at least 1 hour before training starts please.

seeing as i probably wont make it just count me out 

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would like to be considered a reserve. If I'm on the TS and a slot comes free, gib poke

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The slots will be finalized 30 minutes before training starts. If you want to switch afterwards you have to ask the person who want to switch with directly.

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