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Guerilla Ops


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Guerilla Ops

Will be run on 1st Server

Will Need APEX DLC

So far the forces have managed to set up and capture a small island as an HQ and have almost taken the connecting island. Your objective is to liberate this island so we can start advancing upon higher value targets. 


Blue Objective Markers are Completed Objectives

Orange Objective Markers are Failed Objectives

Red Objective Markers are Outstanding Objectives


This is a continuation of the Guerilla Ops campaign and will be run like the rest,

A List of all your assets and squads, the status of NATO intervention and anything else is now detailed in this word doc. 



Gear Restrictions:

Uniform is any sort of guerilla clothing and that's about it, You cant take statics and drones. Normal roles apply, anything in the arsenal can be used however sticking to normal server rules.



Additional Info

Respawns will be run constantly and you will use a teleport pole to get to a camp,

After that, you must get your own way back into battle.

You can move across the island through the use of teleport poles. 

Small attacks, scouting and other guerrilla tactics are key.  

Any Vehicles, Supplies, Statics and other items captured in the field will be transported to an appropriate camp by the AI and if necessary repaired, however, this will only be done when the mission isn't being run. 

All your actions will have consequences

AI Friendlies may be in the area and Alpha lead can utilise these squads any way he sees fit.



I will give priority to people who played the previous mission and also be playing favourites.

Tags will be considered but not given priority.

FNGs can request slotting.




Medic:            @erentar                  

AR:               @Snake3ite

AAR/Explosives Expert:         @Major_Third                

DMR:                @Mingy           

Rifleman:          @Skate     

Rifleman:        @samchaddy00       


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Posted (edited)

Rifleman slot please and thank you

(NVM I wont be here that weekend q.q)

Edited by Pippen

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Sneak peek from Camp Bravo, Its already for Saturday. Time to jump back into the uprising. 


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