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[CANCELLED] Long Range 101


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This will be an event covering basic Long-Range-Communications-Routine. If you have never touched a LR, this is for you. If you're still uncomfortable on the LR, this is for you. If you think you're hot shit, this is probably for you as well. We are aiming for these to be around two hours long, but depending on how many people there are and how quick we get through all the points, it may take less time. 
We'll be using the second server for this. Training starts after First Main.

Table of Contents:

1. What is LR used for? (What will you hear on the LR)
2. 69, 68, 67 and Short-Range Comms (in Comparison)
3. How to setup your Long-Range-Radio (what do these buttons do)
4. Phrases and Words (Why you shouldn't say "over and out" or "repeat")
5. Training Time
6. Additionals (this includes 6-Digit Grid references, SitReps and handling two channels at once)
7. Questions and Additions (by either you or me)
8. More Training Time 

If you have any Questions or suggestions regarding this, feel free to drop a comment.
If less than 4 people RSVP it's gonna be shorter session with less content and we'll try to reschedule.

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@Silberjojo no worries, later on the day is better for me as that is when my mental health aka depression and anxiety is at it's best. I have had SL training so I am quite confident with the LR just wanted to make sure i was doing it correctly. 

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40 minutes ago, _H4X4D3-(lukas) said:

so when is this gonna happen?GMT+2 time so i know when to show up?

This has been cancelled as per the previous comment 14 hours ago.

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