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[CANCELLED] Operation Overlord Part 3 Community Feedback


Mission Planner

Event details

CM Edit: As Spartan had to be evacuated due to the wildfires in California, this event is cancelled for the time being.

These are WWII style missions with a custom modset.

This is on my dedicated server. FK rules will be enforced, failure to follow them will result in you being kicked from the mission. This mission uses a custom modset, able to be found at the bottom of this post.

We will be playing a few different missions.

The briefing will be given in mission. Slotting will be available below. Tags are considered, but not a definite guarantee at the slot. At the end of the day, I have final decisions on slotting. There will be only one squad, no attachees.



Squad Leader: @Brent August

Radio Operator: @SilentGunner13

Medic : @Godzi

Autorifleman(M1919a6): @Missy

Assistant Autorifleman: @Spalone

Assistant Autorifleman: @Kerry

Grenadier: @Major_Third

Grenadier: @OTipsy

Grenadier: @Leprechaunlock

Rifleman: @FloofyFloof

Rifleman: @TrainDoctor



Loadout Rules:

  • Autorifleman may only take M1919a6
  • Grenadiers may only take the M1 Garand, for the rifle grenades
  • Riflemen, Radio Operator, and Assistant Autriflemen may choose between the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine only
  • Squad Lead may take the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, or M1a1 Thompson
  • NO GPS
  • NO RADIO Except the LR of the Radio Operator
  • Only SL and AAR may take binoculars
  • Gear should be taken from the Faces of War Mod. Uniform will be given in briefing.




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