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VTOL 101 (focus on flying and tactics)


Training Planner

Event details

You are required to have the APEX DLC to take part in this training!

Required previous knowledge:

  • Little to none about VTOLs.
  • Know the most basic stuff about both RW and FW.
    • What button brings down your flaps
    • What is stalling
    • etc etc etc ...

The training will only focus on the APEX DLC VTOL aircrafts: V44X Blackfish and Y-32 Xi'an. Not the Harrier VTOL as it's usage is slightly different.


  • Controller / keybind setup
  • Basic operation and manovers.
  • Basic takeoff and landings (VTOL, STOL, conventional takeoff and landings, ...)    <-- This part is probably going to take the most time and is also one of the main foci of this training session.
  • How to fix your VTOL if arma is trying to fuck you over. (Throttle jumping to 100% when you got weight on the wheels and other stupid bugs)
  • Basic weapon usage.
  • Employment of common tactics. (These might not be the best ones but they are easy to employ and highly effective!)

Topics not talked about in this training (go to a RW 101 or FW 101 for these):

  • Communications and command hierachy
  • Large scale tactics / combined arms


It's planned to last less than 1.5 hours (90 minutes). If stuff is getting in the way (or the attendees want to train a specific part more in depth) it will  last longer.


Regulars get priority during the RSVP ... if you are a FNG who wants to take part or the RSVP list is full leave a comment below!

The RSVP Limit is used like in every other training I ever did. If one or two more people have interest, I'll happily take them in .... but if 10 more people want to get in they will only be able to listen instead of actually fly on the server.

Recommended Comments

If I could join in that would be wonderful, i'd like to learn a bit more about flying VTOL's and how to operate them.

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I'd like to understand how to better use the VTOLS using the new throttle system. I liked the way it was before (90 degree angle and then 0 degree angle) because you could spam it or float and glide and do stupid crazy maneuvers. Now you have to deal with angles of attack and thrust, many people using keyboards for thrust (inexact!), which is a lot of micromanagement. A lot of it is not going up and down while landing (and taking too long), and most of it is also not worrying about falling out of the sky.

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Posted (edited)

9 minutes ago, _H4X4D3-(lukas) said:

not a reg ... ide like to attend


Well it's already over ... so a bit too late

Edited by cineafx
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