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Tomo's Tiny Editor Ops: Venom - Muddied Waters

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This mission requires the APEX DLC

If first mission overruns the start time, we will wait until it is over, plus a 15 minute grace period.



You are a special detachment of the CSAT Viper Team forces - Codename Venom.  You are the best of the best (pfffft), and have been specifically chosen for this operation based on your experience and multiple role capabilities.

I. Mission
You are Viper Team specialists, codename Venom.  You start at your camp on the waters edge of Georgetown bay.

NATO have recently arrived in Georgetown with two large ships to resupply.  You will use this opportunity to sneak aboard the ship that is not currently docked and ransack it.
This will embarrass NATO while they attempt to make a show of force to the locals.

A. Enemy Forces
NATO forces.  Mostly infantry, unless mission goes FUBAR.
A large enemy presence is on the docks of Georgetown.  Do not alert them.

B. Friendly Forces
Viper Team specialists, codename VENOM.
Equipped with top-range weaponry and equipment, including thermal imaging.
Assets are a Taryan scout drone, an SDV submersible and a stolen NATO MH-6 Little Bird.


II: Objective

You must quietly board the destroyer, and take out as many of the following before extracting:

  • A jet parked in the small hangar
  • The officer on duty, aboard the bridge
  • The cruise missile system stationed at the front of the ship
  • The long range naval artillery battery, also stationed at the front of the ship.



DISCLAIMER - I will actively be playing favourites for the slots of this mission.  It will not matter what order people comment in, and tags will not have 100% guarantee + priority.  I will ultimately have the final say in who gets what slot.

(As this is scripted I too will be playing - but I will not be taking a lead element role for fairness.)

All slots here are reservable.  Do not take a role and then leave last minute.

Mission/Squad lead: @Tomo because no-one else will bloody take it

Combat Life Saver: Guest

Fireteam Lead Gamma: @Shroomzeh

Suppression Expert: @Winters

Marksman: @Psychopozzie

Grenadier: @BigT

Dive Team Lead Omega: @Cyico

Demolitionist: @SilentGunner13

Demolitionist: @UniDigit

Driver: @colt92

CRANE (Drone Operator+Pilot): @Mittens




This mission is scripted and so loadouts are entirely preset.

Uniform: Viper Team Gear including helmet with NVG/Thermals.

Primary Weapon: Most are equipped with the QBZ-95-1, with grenade and LMG variants for those roles. DMR has the Type 115, a special gun with both 6.5mm silenceable barrel and an unsilenced .50 caliber rifle.

CRANE also receives a Taryan scout drone and UAV terminal.

All units are equipped with 6+1 magazines minimum.

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Posted (edited)

I'd like to call dibs on Suppression Expert or Demolitionist.

Any teamlead role is fine too.

Edited by Cyico

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I'd like one of the Dive Team demolitionists. Failing that I'll go for marksman, if you'd have me 

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Would like to have on of the Demolitionist slots if possible, or whatever slot you'd rather have me in instead of the one handling explosives that could kill the entire team. Thank you in advance.

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Slots basically finalised.  I hate you all that I ended up giving myself SL, but no one else requested it and I wanted slots sorted tonight sooooooooooooo

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Really nice and quick mission. 23 minutes total; 15 of them were sorting comms and swimming on SDV to the objective.

Have to work on my teamleading tho... :D

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