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CANCELED Scripted Co-Op - Disaster in the Desert


Mission Planner

Event details




I. Situation
"Hey Sarge, we've got a problem... According to the local elders Gospandi is full of presents ISIS was so kind to leave with the townspeople."

A local USMC force stationed outside of the airbase has been tasked with removing all IEDs from the town of Gospandi before a major offensive can be made on ISIS held territory in the region.

A. Equipment:

M1232 MRAP  (Extra ammunition can be found in the MRAP.)

All personnel are provided with short-range radios

II. Mission Objective

Remove all IEDs found in the town of Gospandi. Avoid property destruction! Civilians will be present and exiting the town, do not harm them!

The ISIS insurgents active within the area of operations will eventually be alerted to the USMC presence if they remain within the town for too long.

(Crossroads estimates the maximum time we can remain within the vicinity of the town before retaliation forces are mobilized is anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes.)

III. Other Info

This mission is scripted and so loadouts are entirely preset.

ISIS insurgents with large "catalog" of available assets are all we are aware of in the AO. Friendly Afghani Police are located in checkpoints on the way into the town.

The Afghani have alerted us to the presence of two potential mine fields in the Southeastern sector of the AO so be careful when approaching this terrain.

An AO limit is in place and the mission has a maximum time of 90 minutes. The EOD specialist must turn on his metal detector and attach his headset in order to find any IEDs.

(No base-game detectors ya chumps.)


I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY A SLOT TO ANYONE. (Tags do not give 100% priority for a slot but do help.)

Reserved slotting will work as follows:

  • Also, I will be picking and choosing out of those who request certain roles.
  • All slots (with the exception of the EOD team) are "first-come first-serve".
  • Squad and team leader roles may be reserved with Platoon, Squad Lead and Squad 2IC tags.
  • Medic tags not required for the Corpsman role but are higher priority.
  • EOD Team is not "first-come, first-serve", but don't be dissuaded from asking for any of those roles.
    • (The EOD team, Squad Lead and Corpsman are required for the mission to run.)
  • (I will not be taking any EOD or lead role. I designed the mission so I don't want to spoil it for all of you.)


1-1 | USMC Squad Lead:

1-2 | USMC 2iC:

1-3 | USMC Corpsman:

1-4 | USMC Autorifleman:

1-5 | USMC Team Leader:

1-6 | USMC Rifleman (M136):

1-7 | USMC Rifleman:

1-8 | USMC Team Leader (EOD Team):

1-9 | USMC EOD Tech (EOD Team):

1-10 | USMC Combat Engineer (EOD Team):

Recommended Comments

1-9 | USMC EOD Tech (EOD Team), please.


(EDIT: @TrainDoctor Canceling request as a cat 4 hurricane is coming around this time.)

Edited by Colek

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