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Operation: Hearts of Iron


Mission Planner

Event details

Operation: Hearts of Iron

Co-Zeus: @Jerichron



Local town of Al Safyrah was a FOB so supplies could be run, along with front line repair station so that assets could quickly return back to the AO. Sadly the enemy presence has escalated and forced a withdrawal of friendly forces. PLT has been ordered to pull out all forces and to leave. While receiving the order a patrol returned saying that enemy forces are advancing towards this position. PLT request clearance as what to do with the civilians, as helping our forces would mean that they would likely be killed once the town was captured. High-Command clarified and stated that they are not our problem and should be ignored, 'Your only concern is what I tell you to do, these aren't our people.' PLT as chosen to ignore this order, and we are tasked with getting as many people out as we can.


  • Evac as many people out as possible
  • Delay the enemy as long as possible while preventing the loss the key points in the city
    • Ammo cache - Our only source of resupply
    • Powerplant - Source of SR communication
    • Factory - Provides vics with repair if damaged


  • If all evac coppers go down!
    • If all coppers are removed from play respawns will stop, and the mission will end once everyone as died.


The enemy lacks the supply for heavy assets as they prefer to use the mass of their enemy infantry to win battles, but if they assess that we are to much for that they will begin rerouting their main force to join them. The use their mortars to soften the enemy when they advance.

  • Truck mounted .50's
    • possible Truck mounted ZU's
  • Mortars of unknown caliber
    • possible rocket ARTY
  • T-34 to T-72
  • Captured MI-8's
    • possible MI-24's

Restrictions & Special Squads & Additional Information

  • Ammo is limited at the start to 6 magazines +1 in the gun.
  • All Ammo used at the cache is 5.56 mm based ammo. If you run out of ammo because you used another type then that is on you.
  • Echo is engineering squad - Allows your vics to get repaired if the factory is still in your control
  • All enemy assets can be used as long as they get to the factory first.
  • Foxtrot is AA sqaud. They will have truck mounted ZU to fend off enemy Air. AA is aloud to be taken, see below for restrictions on it.
  • All squads will have MAT and only 2 rounds total per squad. All additional MAT rounds must be gotten at the Cache.
  • 3 TOWS will be given at the start, it is up to you to use them as you see fit. Call zeus to move it AT THE START OF THE MISSION ONLY!
  • No Blufor tracking


Evals are okay

Platoon Leader: @Patheticflower no tags

Platoon Medic: @FloofyFloof Tags

Platoon Fac: @Hyxogen no Tags (fixed)


Alpha Lead: 

Alpha Medic:

Bravo Lead: @DmDWorm

Bravo Medic:

Charlie Lead: 

Charlie Medic:

Delta Lead: @Thorimus

Delta Medic:

Echo Lead: @samchaddy00 no tags

Echo Medic: @Pastor Of Muppets No Tags

Foxtrot Lead: @BDFoster SL tags

Foxtrot Medic:



Heli Pilot: @Barcuck Osama CC tags

Heli Pilot: @YoshiGames

Special boy role (Noncombative): @BenFromTTG

^Above slot is a totally noncombat role. Do not request the slot if you are looking for a special combat thing, this is just a RP thing that i reserve the right to give to select people who i feel wont be retarded while doing it. 

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Posted (edited)

Hey there @Maverick i have read through the briefing for tonight mission and it look fun and i would like to take a Echo Lead roll please (No Taps / FNG)

Edited by samchaddy00

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