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Scripted TvT: Kolgujev Fraught Crisis


Mission Planner

Event details

Apparently there's actually a small demand for TvT now, so I might as well run this mission I've had on the server for a bit. (75 total slots!)

As before if there's time at the end we'll try and swap teams as best as possible and have another quick round!




I. Situation
Chedaki insurgents have set up in an abandoned, derelict town near a Russian army base.
This is disliked by Russian high-command and such have ordered the nearby forces to clear it out.

Force setup:

  • OPFOR: A combined Russian MSV and VDV Platoon. Well equipped, including a BTR per squad and a lightly armed Mi-8.
  • INDFOR: Assortment of Chedaki insurgents.  Moderately equipped, with access to grenade launchers, RPGs, autorifles and static weapons.  No assets.

The layout for each side is as follows:

OPFOR have:

  • Company Command in charge of operation, with 2 Platoon leaders underneath him equipped with radios.
  • 3 MSV squads with a BTR each, under their Platoon leader in COY HQ.
  • 2 VDV squads to mount in the mi-8, under their Platoon leader in COY HQ.
  • 1 Mi-8 with door gunners


INDFOR have:

  • All units are in 3 man groups, including HQ sections.  Each have a specialisation. (Either RPG-7, Marksman/Grenadier or Autorifle)
  • Command HQ - Lead, 2iC and Doctor.
  • Apel - HQ section, 1st section, 2nd section and 3rd section.
  • Bekar - HQ section, 1st section, 2nd section and 3rd section.
  • Charli - One 3 man team with a static Dhskm in bag.


II. Mission Objective

Town must be cleared by OPFOR, or INDFOR must hold them off for 45 minutes.


  • Area is surrounded in heavy fog.
  • The town has lots of hiding spots amongst the ruins and rubble (many added in the editor).
  • AO Limits: Ground based units may not leave the area revealed on the map for more than 30 seconds.  Airborne units have 2 minutes.
  • Lead elements on Opfor do not have radios, but radio operators - with the exception of HQ where Company Command has none but the Platoon leads do.



There are more available in the mission, but I will give out some of the important ones here. 

Final slotting will be very much dependent on numbers - roles like the two OPfor Platoon leads under Company Command will be dropped if numbers are low.

As such only a small handful of the full slots will be reservable, remember this is a maximum of 75 slots!




Company Command: Platoon Tags

Orel Platoon Lead/Radio Op (MSV): Any leadership tags

Vorobey Platoon Lead/Radio Op (VDV): Any leadership tags


Orel 1 Squad Lead: Squad Lead Tags

Orel 1 Radio Operator: No tags, but SL must request you as their radio op.


Vorobey 1 Squad Lead: Squad Lead Tags

Vorobey 1 Radio Operator: No tags, but SL must request you as their radio op.


Val'kiriya Pilot: @Barcuck Osama (CC tags)

Crew Chief 1: CC Tags




Command: Plt tags

Apel HQ: Any leadership tag

Bekar HQ: Any leadership tag

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